College Is Much More Than Higher Education

Written by Meghan Semple

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College is aboutrepparttar closing of one chapter of your life, andrepparttar 144709 beginning of another. It's a time of expanding and growing into adulthood. There is a lot of focus onrepparttar 144710 higher education aspects of attending college, and it's really much more than that.

College is a time to get to know who you are, and what you may want to do in your life. College gives you an opportunity to spread your wings, and learn about things which serve and support you in a "safe" environment. College is a time to network, and relationship with other people.

Some ofrepparttar 144711 most important questions you can ask yourself is What do I like? What am I interested in? What subject do I lose myself in? There will be some required courses and those may not jazz you, but your major should be something that fits like a glove. If you are unsure, don't commit to any one course of direction until you have determined that. There is an abundance of college options, so take your time in choosingrepparttar 144712 one that best suits your needs. It will save you a lot of time and money and aggravation, inrepparttar 144713 long run!

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A New Challenge for Teachers: Encouraging Girls in Science, Math and IT Related Studies and Careers©

Written by Valerie Giles

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So what factors are discouraging girls from excelling in math, science and computer science studies in high school? Research has shown a number of different issues that need to be addressed. They believe that girls are not presented with adequate information about science-related career opportunities and their prerequisites, and that high school counselors often do not encourage further courses in math and science. In addition, texts,repparttar media and many adults often project sex-stereotyped views of science and scientists.

A lack of development of spatial ability skills may also be an issue, which could be fostered in shop and mechanical drawing classes. Girls also have fewer experiences with science activities and equipment, which are often stereotyped as being masculine.

In order to encourage girls inrepparttar 144434 pursuit of math and science, teachers are encouraged to maintain well-equipped, organized and perceptually stimulating classrooms, use non-sexist language and examples, include information on women scientists and stress creatively and basic skills and provide career information.

In addition, math and science teachers should use laboratories, discussions and weekly quizzes as their primary modes of instruction or teaching strategies and supplement those activities with field trips and guest speakers. If possible, teachers should also encourage parental involvement.

Studies have also shown that teachers, both male and female, who were successful in motivating girls to continue to study science, practiced what is called "directed intervention". They asked girls to assist with demonstrations, which required these students to perform and not merely record, inrepparttar 144435 laboratories, and in science-related fieldtrips.

When it comes to computer science studies, a similar approach can be taken. Although these studies do involved math, programming and technical issues, computer science educators need to be aware that working with computers involves much more than that. It also requires fully developed verbal and interpersonal skills - an area in which girls tend to excel at.

In order to attract more girls torepparttar 144436 study, teachers should concentrate on applications and not just on math or programming. That's because girls generally don't get as excited about computers for their gadget value, as boys do. Instead, girls become more interested and engaged when technology is discussed in terms of it's usefulness for problem solving.

Computer science educators should also impart to girlsrepparttar 144437 important need for women inrepparttar 144438 industry and outline more career options. For example, jobs are not just limited to programming; individuals are needed to help solve business problems with technology solutions. The industry itself is focused on solving problems, and developing solutions to help business continue to grow.


By introducing science, math and computer science in a positive manner to girls in all levels of education, we may be able to turnrepparttar 144439 tide and see more and more women choose careers in these important fields. If we truly believe children are our future, now isrepparttar 144440 time to ensure that they have a place inrepparttar 144441 future we have created.

Valerie Giles owns and operates Cyber-Prof: Teacher Resource Site an educational web site that specializes in resources for school and teacher supplies , teaching strategies, educational games, classroom technology and home schooling.

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