Collateral Damage: Are Brochures Derailing Your Sales?

Written by Jill Konrath

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I knew things were going downhill, but couldn’t do anything to stop them. I was only there to observe. At last,repparttar killer question emerged: “How much does it cost?”

The sales rep, trying to deflect it, explained that a full assessment was needed to configurerepparttar 127268 system properly. He suggested that asrepparttar 127269 next step, butrepparttar 127270 damage was already done.

“You’d be wasting your time,”repparttar 127271 buyer said. “There’s no way we can spend that kind of money right now. Besides, it can’t ...” He proceeded to pick apart some minor detail aboutrepparttar 127272 system.

The sales rep looked puzzled, not understanding why this qualified buyer would so quickly rejectrepparttar 127273 new product - especially when it had such a financially attractive value proposition. He was never able to getrepparttar 127274 meeting back on track. We left with no follow-up planned.

You know whatrepparttar 127275 problem was?

It was that darn brochure! By bringing it out so early,repparttar 127276 sales rep lost control ofrepparttar 127277 sale process. He didn’t uncover any problems, difficulties or dissatisfaction withrepparttar 127278 current system. He didn’t explore any business ramifications or find any pay-offs for making a change. No wonderrepparttar 127279 buyer said it was too expensive.

Worse thing is,repparttar 127280 sales rep dug his own grave; everything that happened was totally preventable.


1. The untimely use of brochures and other marketing collateral quickly derails evenrepparttar 127281 best sales efforts with highly qualified prospects.

2. If your sales process requires multiple calls and involves a variety of decision makers, keep your new product or service brochures inrepparttar 127282 car onrepparttar 127283 first call.

3. Use early sales calls to focus onrepparttar 127284 customer, their goals, processes, challenges, issues, bottlenecks and needs.

4. Save your brochures till later - you may never even need to use them!

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Hey Sid; I'll Put My Money On The "Kid"!

Written by Richard Vegas

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The next dayrepparttar little boy went back torepparttar 127267 same restaurant andrepparttar 127268 owner ushered him out again. He went back in again and everyone laughed andrepparttar 127269 owner threw up his hands and said what'srepparttar 127270 use.

Did you senserepparttar 127271 DESIRE in this kid? Did you feel a sense of rejection? Were you waiting forrepparttar 127272 kid to kickrepparttar 127273 owner inrepparttar 127274 shins and run for his life? When I first heard it I was. :>) But, I was a rotten and mischievous little kid anyway myself. Would YOU have kept going back inside? Ah!... now I bet we hit a nerve. Now, analyze what this kid did. It wasrepparttar 127275 depression, his family needed money. And he hatedrepparttar 127276 taste of tomatoes. Nah.......I just made that up, that's not true. But, I bet he was sick of eating tomato sandwiches though. Needless to say, this was allrepparttar 127277 motivation he needed to move him to action. Over and over.

Next, he discovered a technique. By walking back intorepparttar 127278 restaurant numerous times he discovered a method that allowed him to sell tomatoes in restaurants everyday. In learning this method he gained knowledge and inspiration. He learned what to say and how to say it. The more he soldrepparttar 127279 more motivation it gave him.

Now think about this. This little kid became successful at selling tomatoes. And, he didn't haverepparttar 127280 internet to help him. Why? Becauserepparttar 127281 internet is NOT one ofrepparttar 127282 3 key ingredients to success. You already know Desire isrepparttar 127283 number one, and you will find out what number 2 and 3 are in later articles. Pretty sneaky huh?'

When You Start Something......Don't Stop Till You Get It!!

When you don't get what you expect...........inspect what you got!. So, what do you do when everything goes wrong? What do you do when there is no place to turn? What do you do when every gremlin in West Texas is chasing you with a big stick? What do you do when allrepparttar 127284 spammers in Outer Mongolia are bombarding your inbox so that it looks like Buddha's Belly?

I'll tell you what to do. You do just like that little kid did and look forrepparttar 127285 right time to go right back in that store and sell another tomato. But understand, you won't go back in that store until you become dissatisfied with what you GOT!

And when you don't get what you expect, and you inspect what you got, and what you got is not what you want, then you're in a prime position forrepparttar 127286 fire of desire to burn a trail of dissatisfaction in you a mile wide and a yard deep. And,...... If it doesn't........ Then just go rub Buddha's Belly. Nah....., I'm kidding. Don't you get mad at me.

Whenrepparttar 127287 fire of desire becomes so ingrained in you that it forms without you realizing it, then you will not have arrived, but you'll be well on your way.

End Part 1 of 3

By Richard Vegas ©2002 Oct.

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