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Written by Rodel Garcia

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Disadvantages of ColdFusion:

* The biggest disadvantage of ColdFusion is that it is a closed source technology andrepparttar development is handled completely by one company. Therefore new features cannot be added and bugs cannot be fixed nearly as quickly as in a popular open source solutions.

* Another problem with ColdFusion is that it is expensive. You are required to purchase a new copy ofrepparttar 142819 server (which costs hundreds to thousands of dollars) to obtain features that have been added since your original product purchase (which costs hundreds to thousands of dollars).

What's New inrepparttar 142820 Latest Version of ColdFusion: ColdFusion MX 7

* Rich Flash Forms Using just a few ColdFusion tags, rich Flash forms can be built in minutes.

* New Application Classes Interfaces with mobile phones using SMS text messaging, XMPP (the emerging IM standard), and other Internet protocols.

* New Dreamweaver Extensions Increase your productivity by usingrepparttar 142821 new ColdFusion Extensions for Dreamweaver MX to build applications rapidly.

* Rich Charting Capabilities Produce stylish, bold charts and graphs with modifiable attributes that can control animation, colors, labels, and more.

* Faster Deployment on J2EE For quick and easy deployment on leading J2EE servers, package an application andrepparttar 142822 ColdFusion runtime into a single Java archive.

* Source Code Security Make your source CFM files invisible by compiling them into Java byte-code for distribution and execution.

* New Search Power Enable highlighted search terms, searching within a results set, spelling suggestions, and hierarchical category searching withrepparttar 142823 latest Verity technology.

* Structured Business Reports Easily design and generate high-quality, repeating group, structured business reports.

* Printable Web Content Using just a single tag you can transform web content into high-quality printable, portable documents in PDF or FlashPaper 2 formats.

ColdFusion Web Hosting FAQs

* Does ColdFusion Web Hosting requirerepparttar 142824 use of any special tools? Because ColdFusion integrates its code (CFML) with standard HTML code, you can use any standard Web development application or a text editor to develop your templates.

* Which databases can I use when web hosting a ColdFusion site? ColdFusion MX 7 supports most major databases, including Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, IBM DB2, Sybase, and IBM Informix.

* Which web servers can I use when web hosting a ColdFusion site? ColdFusion MX 7 supports most major web servers, including IIS, Apache, and Sun ONE (formerly iPlanet).

* Which operating systems are supported? ColdFusion MX 7 supports most major operating systems, including Microsoft Windows, Solaris, Linux, and AIX.

What should I look for in a ColdFusion Web Hosting provider?

* As with pretty much any web hosting provider, you want to look for: Reliability (up time);

* Redundancy (back-up servers);

* Security (managed access to servers) and

* Scalability (ability to grow your site with your host).

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Cheap Web Package Hosting - How to Minimize Costs

Written by Brian Thorn

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While set up fees and monthly maintenance fees are pretty straightforward, you should also look for other fees that might be charged by a particular provider. Depending on your needs, you might find yourself paying extra for a service you expected to be provided inrepparttar monthly fee. There's no substitute for carefully considering your options as you search for a company to help minimize costs with a web hosting package. If you need services in addition to web hosting, look for a company that can combine all your Internet service needs - that could save you some additional money.

You should look for a company that offers a web hosting package specifically to meet your needs. You might be paying a significantly higher monthly fee for a plan that simply exceedsrepparttar 142533 needs of your company. If you don't need a larger space, don't buy a larger space. But with an eye torepparttar 142534 future, knowrepparttar 142535 company's stand on upgrading an account later if you should need additional space.

Finally, knowrepparttar 142536 company. While it's a good thing to search forrepparttar 142537 most competitive bottom-line price,repparttar 142538 best set up deal and a plan that fits your needs, it won't do you any good if you are constantly out of commission because of down time. Each time you find yourself withoutrepparttar 142539 web hosting service, you're runningrepparttar 142540 risk of losing orders, clients and your own reputation - all potentially devastating to a business. Even if you truly want to minimize costs with a web hosting package, saving a few dollars is probably not worthrepparttar 142541 reputation of your own business.

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