Cold Fusion

Written by Robert Bruce Baird

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IT is possible to send atomic energy ofrepparttar process to other dimensions and release them in controlled avenues to produce amazing results. This will be dealt with in greater detail inrepparttar 143928 mysteries section but we want to put a little of it here in order to establishrepparttar 143929 breadth ofrepparttar 143930 chasm between what linear thinking ego and modern science purports to know against what is possible through attunement. We think we have already done this in medicine and other facets of society. We think physics is close to knowing what we are dealing with inrepparttar 143931 chaos that isn't going to respond in exactlyrepparttar 143932 same 'black and white' manner. The creationist theory is not as dead as theologians have allowed it to become!

The following point is not completelyrepparttar 143933 same one; as Gardner deals with weight andrepparttar 143934 'highward' state that allows levitation. I am not convinced of this level of levitational potential that he would say allowedrepparttar 143935 fit ofrepparttar 143936 Great Pyramid. It is better than all other explanations except for Dunn's combined withrepparttar 143937 poured in place concrete explanation though.

"In simplistic terms,repparttar 143938 white powder is created by strikingrepparttar 143939 metal sample, under strictly controlled conditions for a pre-calculated time, with a designated high-heat {Sometimes every operation would be repeated for five years, ifrepparttar 143940 person lived. There is a mercurous oxide risk.}--perhaps from a DC arc: a single directional current from two electrodes {They hadrepparttar 143941 ability to produce DC a very long time ago as we will see in many other places.}. Butrepparttar 143942 truly unusual thing aboutrepparttar 143943 powder is that, through continuous sequences of heating and cooling {While becoming 'friends' or attuning oneself to 'what is'?}, its weight will rise and fall to hundreds of percent above its optimum weight, down to less than absolutely nothing. Moreover, its optimum weight is actually 56 per cent ofrepparttar 143944 metal weight from which it was transformed. So, where doesrepparttar 143945 other 44 per cent go? It becomes nothing but pure light, and translates into a dimension beyondrepparttar 143946 physical plane. This conforms precisely withrepparttar 143947 formerly mentioned Alexandrian text which states that, when placed inrepparttar 143948 scales,repparttar 143949 Paradise Stone can outweigh any of its quantity of gold, but when it is converted to dust (powder), even a feather will tiprepparttar 143950 scales against it." (7)

Author of Diverse Druids Activist against Synarchy

I Believe

Written by The Voice

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I believerepparttar Universe is brimming over in life and it also contains lifeforms that are advanced technologically to reach other stars.

Now...logic begsrepparttar 143636 question, why denyrepparttar 143637 presence of Extraterestrials? Is it because our culture is not ready to hearrepparttar 143638 truth? Is it because of whatrepparttar 143639 implications of what it could mean to organized religions? Is it becauserepparttar 143640 aliens are malevolent and mean us harm? Does our government and others work collectively togther to hiderepparttar 143641 real truth as to protectrepparttar 143642 population ofrepparttar 143643 Earth? Only a small group of people knowrepparttar 143644 real answer to this question, but logic dictates that they definately knowrepparttar 143645 truth and they will go to all lengths to protect that secret. If you were a government that was interested in protecting yourself, you would dorepparttar 143646 logical thing and userepparttar 143647 technology that you glean from aliens to bridge that gap.

I believe that is what we see today. I could go on about what I think is happening but that is for another day. I always think back to that day 20 years ago when I was looking intorepparttar 143648 sky during a full moon to see that circular object that was creeping acrossrepparttar 143649 sky fully basked in that ambient light. No object travels that slow and any object that is real WILL blot outrepparttar 143650 light of star behind it. This one did. Yes.... I believe in UFOS and you will too when that fateful day comes knocking on your intellectual beliefs.

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