Coincidence or Craziness? You Tell Me!

Written by Ellen M. DuBois

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I did some research and discovered that he was in New York aroundrepparttar same time my grandmother was performing. I'm thinking he met her at one of her shows. I got this information fromrepparttar 122434 G-Files, showing a letter dated in 1939 written to President Hoover while he was in New York City.

I met and eventually got engaged to a man named Charles who is a pilot and like Charles Lindberg, ran mail as one of his first flying jobs.

"As a daredevil, Charles (Lindberg) not only walked onrepparttar 122435 wings of flying aircraft and performed parachute stunts, but he did mechanical work onrepparttar 122436 planes as well."

My fiance, Charles, operated a parachute jump center and wasrepparttar 122437 Jump Master. He also flew stunt scenes years ago in several movies. He is also a licensed aircraft mechanic.

Okay, so you're probably reading this saying, "She's crazy. What's she writing about?"

I don't know. Like I said, call it a hunch but I don't know what about. An overactive imagination? All I know is that I feel something and I'm not sure what and I've learned to trust those feelings, whatever they may be. Reasons unknown.

Thanks for reading. I know this article is a bit confusing, but aren'trepparttar 122438 parallels in life amazing? Ellen M. DuBois

Ellen M. DuBois, MA - Ms. DuBois is engaged and has a dog who loves to critique her work. She is published in vol.2 of God Allows U-Turns with her piece, "The Angel in the Dumpster". She writes to touch the hearts of others. Please visit Writings of the Heart, her award winning writer's resource site-

Career Guidance from the Cards

Written by Cathy Goodwin, Ph.D.

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Another client, Mike, was not familiar with tarot cards, which he associated with store-front crystal balls. Mike had been laid off from a lucrative managerial position, with a generous severance package.. Mike drewrepparttar Three of Cups from a Rider-Waite deck. I encouraged him to studyrepparttar 122433 image first, before turning to published interpretations. Mike spoke of three women who seemed to be proposing a toast. They appeared very focused onrepparttar 122434 cups and on each other. Mike felt drawn torepparttar 122435 symbols of autumn and harvest: pumpkin, grapes, fruits, orange and yellow colors. Perhaps, Mike thought, he needed to harvestrepparttar 122436 fruits of his previous career. He could celebrate what he had stored up and userepparttar 122437 fruits ofrepparttar 122438 harvest for a new life. Mike had little interest in studying traditional meanings of this card. His own answer felt right to him. Besides this method, I advocaterepparttar 122439 card-a-day method to track progress of a life transition. Keep a tarot card intuition journal. Write downrepparttar 122440 question, draw a card, and record your card, Later you can trackrepparttar 122441 effectiveness of tarot cards for your own life. You may learn new meanings: "I thought this card meant departure but it really meant I was supposed to be waiting." My Rider-Waite deck has become one ofrepparttar 122442 most powerful tools in my career coaching. I encourage you to use your own cards to gather intuitive wisdom and enhance intuition as you enjoy career and life change.

Cathy Goodwin, PhD, is an author, speaker and career consultant. For her free Career Freedom ezine, email This article comes from her ebook: Email: Phone: 505-534-4294.

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