Coaching Costs

Written by Chris Malta

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The Computers are useless unless they can connect torepparttar Internet, so you shell out more money for a High-Speed Business Internet Connection that can handlerepparttar 116928 load when all your employees are working onrepparttar 116929 Net atrepparttar 116930 same time, which they almost always do. What happens if there's theft, or an accident? You are required to pay for Business Insurance to protect yourself against loss, and against someone being injured at your location. Of course, you need to pay for Alarm System installation and maintenance before you can even getrepparttar 116931 Business Insurance. Then you have bills for Power, Water, and sometimes Natural Gas. You have to keeprepparttar 116932 lights on andrepparttar 116933 air conditioning running, or you're going nowhere fast. When that's all paid for,repparttar 116934 real costs begin! Whenever you employ people, you have large expenses associated with that employment. We provide a great Medical, Dental, Vision and Life Insurance Plan to our employees, as does anyone with a real business location. That costs us a lot, every month. Then there's Unemployment Insurance that we have to pay, and Workman's Compensation Insurance. There's Human Resources Outsourcing, Training Programs, Overtime, Bonuses, andrepparttar 116935 occasional Group Lunch. And that doesn't even take Payroll into account! What it all boils down to is that placing a group of people in an Office environment costs a ton of money. Be glad that you are setting yourself up to work from home! We maintain our Staff and our Offices forrepparttar 116936 sole purpose of researching and publishing The Drop Ship Source Directory, and doing that takes all ofrepparttar 116937 expenses and resources I've listed above, plus a lot more to operate our site and pay for research materials and advertising. When we work on our Directory, we are all working onrepparttar 116938 same thing. All ofrepparttar 116939 attention ofrepparttar 116940 Owners and Employees of our company is focused on one thing, allrepparttar 116941 time: Researching and Publishing our Directory andrepparttar 116942 related information you see on our site. Now, imagine what it takes for a Coaching Company to put twenty or thirty people in an office setting, and then dedicate each one of those people to working with only a few of their clients for months at a time! Each one of those very costly employees can only work on just a small part of their business for them: maybe eight or ten clients that have signed up for Internet Business Coaching. That'srepparttar 116943 only way they can truly provide quality service to their Coaching clients. So, when I see these companies charging $3,000 to $6,000 and more for several months of personal Coaching, I do understand why they need to do that! In order to provide quality One-on-One service to their Coaching clients, they have no choice but to charge that much. All that money does not go into their pockets. Most of it goes just to maintainrepparttar 116944 business itself. That doesn't mean, however, that they are providing quality service. As I said, I'm still researching that. The three companies I have found look good so far, but I haven't gotten far enough in my research yet to recommend any of them personally. When I do, any recommendations I have will be posted in our Resource Center and sent out in our Newsletter. Once I form my opinion, I hope it will help you to form your own opinion. :o) Chris Malta WorldWide Brands, Inc. For more information, visit

Chris Malta is a Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer. He has worked with computer Systems for 18 years. He's been involved in eCommerce systems, networking and site design for more than 6 years. He developed The Drop Ship Source Directory, and he and his partners at Worldwide Brands, Inc., publish the Directory and run eCommerce sites of their own using Drop Shipping as their only business method.

4 Simple Steps to Increase Your Wealth

Written by Kevin Purfield

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4. Buy things that increase in value

Many people appear to have financial wealth with their possessions. Cars, clothes, electronics gizmos, large homes. The fact is that many of those things will not be worth what was paid for them in several years.

Buying high quality investments in real estate, stocks, bonds and building your own business are ways to increase your wealth.

Many millionaires live well below their means. Many people who have high consumption life styles have little or no investments, appreciable assets, income-producing assets or private businesses.

Those people who can be defined a being wealthy get much more pleasure owning substantial amounts of appreciable assets than from displaying a high consumption life style.

Resource Box --------------------------------------------------------------- Kevin Purfield ownsrepparttar Wealth System Online Resource Directory where you can find everything you need to start, run and grow a home based internet business at: -------------------------------------------------------------

Kevin Purfield owns the Wealth System Online Resource Directory where you can find everything you need to start, run and grow a home based internet business at:

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