Co-Dependency and Food: Trying to Fill the Void

Written by Zo Houseman

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It goes like this.

My thoughts: I always eat too potato chips, and I canít lose weight. Iím so spineless.

Are my thoughts true? I donít always eat too many potato chips. Iíve been eating dessert, which is probably why I canít lose weight. Itís notrepparttar potato chips. I donít know why I said Iím spineless. Iím not.

Why do I eat so many potato chips? When I ate them today, it was after that conversation with my friend. I felt angry. The crunch ofrepparttar 131442 potato chips helped me feel less angry. Now that I think about it, I eat potato chips a lot when Iím angry.

Do I want to continue believing my thoughts? No. I forgive myself for eating potato chips to swallow my anger. I forgive myself for calling myself spineless.

New thoughts: When Iím angry next time, Iím going to express my anger appropriately and talk withrepparttar 131443 other person. Iím not going to eat potato chips. I can lose weight. I am successful in losing weight.

Learn to listen to yourself and not rely on outside cues for what you may or may not think and feel. Itís not selfish to meet your real needs directly. When you meet your true needs, food is no longer a bandage. Then you can freely choose whether or not to eat that particular food withoutrepparttar 131444 intensity of unmet emotional needs. Itís about valuing yourself and making decisions and choices that honor your value. New thinking will support your weight loss efforts.

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Warning! ďIpecac SyrupĒ can cause death when it used for weight loss!

Written by Mahesh Bhat

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Where Can I Buy Syrup of It?

IPECAC SYRUP may be obtained at any pharmacy. Your pharmacist is allowed to sell you one ounce (30ml) without a prescription. The syrup will keep for several years if stored at room temperature.

When Should I Use It?

IPECAC SYRUP should not be used in every poisoning emergency. All poison ingestions do not requirerepparttar removal ofrepparttar 131441 poison fromrepparttar 131442 stomach; in some cases it can be harmful. Strong acids (such as toilet bowl cleaner) or strong alkalis (such as lye, drain or oven cleaner, or dishwasher detergent) can burnrepparttar 131443 throat ų and vomiting will only makerepparttar 131444 damage worse. Use IPECAC SYRUP only if recommended by your poison center or doctor.

How Do I Use It?

For children one year of age or older: Only give onrepparttar 131445 advice of a Poison Center or your Physician.

For Adults: Give one tablespoon (15 ml) of IPECAC SYRUP. Follow it by at least one glass (8 ounces) of water, fruit juice or any other fluids. Haverepparttar 131446 victim drink more liquid if possible. If vomiting has not occurred within 20 minutes,repparttar 131447 dose of IPECAC SYRUP can be repeated with more fluids. Only repeatrepparttar 131448 dosage once. If vomiting does not occur, call your poison center or doctor again. The dose of IPECAC SYRUP is different for infants, older children, and for adults. Your poison center or doctor will give you complete instructions

Normally Syrup of Ipecac should not be given at home if:

1.The patient is less than one year old or 2.Corrosives (lye, drain cleaners, oven cleaners, automatic dishwasher detergent, or other strong acids or bases) have been taken or burns are seen around or inrepparttar 131449 mouth or 3.A petroleum distillate-containing product (kerosene, gasoline, paint thinner, furniture polish, etc.) has been taken or 4.The patient is lethargic (sluggish), asleep, or comatose (unconscious) or 5.The patient is convulsing.

And finally ďIpecac SyrupĒ must not be used for loosing weight in any case!

Mahesh Bhat

Mahesh Bhat is freelance Writer, Online Market and web Master. For more information on Diet, Weightloss and Nutrition visit Please forward this article to your friends, family contacts, colleagues to prevent from abuse of Ipecac Syrup.

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