Clown Fears - How to Prevent Clowns from being Scary

Written by Tom Raymond

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torepparttar parents that I get really scared by little kids when they're frightened. This serves several purposes -- it makesrepparttar 147053 clownrepparttar 147054 scaredy cat and letsrepparttar 147055 child offrepparttar 147056 hook, it reflectsrepparttar 147057 fear torepparttar 147058 child and allows him to be brave in comparison torepparttar 147059 clown, and it allowsrepparttar 147060 clown to "lower himself" and raiserepparttar 147061 child up. Of course, it also getsrepparttar 147062 message across to Mom & Dad -- whenrepparttar 147063 child is ready, he or she will willingly come byrepparttar 147064 clown, andrepparttar 147065 experience will berepparttar 147066 happy onerepparttar 147067 parents wanted inrepparttar 147068 first place.

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Finally, think about your clown make up. Remember thatrepparttar 147069 purpose of clown make up is to amplify your own natural features. Do not overdo your make up -- remember, less is more. You want to entertain children, not frighten them.

Tom Raymond, aka Raynbow the Magic Clown, is a professional children's entertainer in the central Wisconsin area, and is available for parties, conferences, conventions and ministry events. Interested in clowns and clowning? Check out Clown Ministry, the largest clowning site on the web!

Find The Good Western Dance Boots

Written by Diana Claire

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There are some points you must consider when buying western dance boot. Check this out!

- Pickrepparttar one with soft genuine garment leather uppers.

- Make sure there is non-marring split leather outsoles.

- Choose which one you prefer forrepparttar 146965 shank. There are two styles for boot that suit individual needs; steel shank for support and no shank for flexibility. All is up to you to decide.

- Donít forget withrepparttar 146966 insole. It must be supportive and have enough cushions to be comfortable.

- Find out ifrepparttar 146967 counter is okay. As with any shoe or boot,repparttar 146968 counter should be solid and built straight onrepparttar 146969 heel.

- Remember you are going to dance, so donít use very high heels boot. Itís important to have hollow heels to reduce weight. Both men's and women's heels are typically 11/2 ".

- Other that is also important before you buy your boot is to try it on. Make surerepparttar 146970 counter should be snug,repparttar 146971 longitudinal and metatarsal arches should feel supportive, and there should be room for toe movement. The boot may be snug at first. Ask your salesperson how muchrepparttar 146972 boots will stretch.

Well, that surely helps you before buying your own western dance boots, right? You can find western dance boots at local retailers and online stores which offer discounts or less expensive prices for your western dance boots.

Diana Claire lifelong for footwear led her became footwear reviewer. She has tried different kind of footwear, and she put her review at Her experiences on footwear can be helpful for those who need more information about a certain kind of footwear. Visit her Website

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