Close More Sales With A Strong P.S.

Written by Grady Smith

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Second, like writing a headline you want to give them your products biggest benefit. Again, this is used to lurerepparttar customer in and make them read more of your sales letter where you can give them specifics.

Third, give themrepparttar 127372 downside of not ordering. Let them know there’s a penalty and consequence of passing, and make it a strong one!

Fourth, break it up into a P.S. and P.P.S. if you need to. Haverepparttar 127373 first show a potential customerrepparttar 127374 strong benefit they’ll receive,repparttar 127375 second showing your downside to not ordering now.

And finally, include an order link in your P.S. so ifrepparttar 127376 customer hasrepparttar 127377 urge they can buy immediately. A potential customer should never have to search for a place to order your product. If you make them, chances are good they won’t investrepparttar 127378 time.

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The "Lipstick" Sales Factor...

Written by Gary Onks

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In fact due to our independent natures, we tend to look for a reason to indulge ourselves. We aren't about to let problems disrupt our lives and rob us of our pleasures. Sorepparttar lipstick factor applies to us all and gives us a marketing advantage.

What is it about your product that is fun, makes things easier or improvesrepparttar 127371 quality of life for your customers? What arerepparttar 127372 pick-me-ups that you are offering? Every product has these components. Show them off in your advertising and marketing efforts and your sales results will get Red-Hot too.

Wanting some fun and to feel better is truly ageless, so be sure to focus onrepparttar 127373 seniors too.

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