Clocks, Seasons, and Cycles

Written by Skye Thomas

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I think of each planet as a different clock inrepparttar heavens. Each one has its own pace and it's own season. Each one keeps time with a different season ofrepparttar 122245 universe. Just likerepparttar 122246 sun and moon each have completely different seasons and completely different effects at different times. Watchingrepparttar 122247 sun's seasonal effects helpsrepparttar 122248 farmer know when to plant his crops. Watchingrepparttar 122249 moon's cycles helps us in other areas. Astrology is taking all ofrepparttar 122250 other planets' seasons and cycles into account too. Imagine a giant cosmic clock withrepparttar 122251 moon asrepparttar 122252 seconds hand andrepparttar 122253 sun asrepparttar 122254 hours hand. Mercury would berepparttar 122255 minute hand. Add to that a hand for Venus, Mars, andrepparttar 122256 others. Each one a bit faster or slower thenrepparttar 122257 others. Now telling time becomes a lot more complex. Time becomes bigger and more infinite.

To take it one step further, as each of us is born we are handed our own personal clock that isrepparttar 122258 time by which we will live our lives. Torepparttar 122259 untrained eye it looks like my clock is hung upside down withrepparttar 122260 6 atrepparttar 122261 top andrepparttar 122262 12 atrepparttar 122263 bottom. Another person's clock is to be hung withrepparttar 122264 2 on top andrepparttar 122265 8 onrepparttar 122266 bottom. So to be able to predict someone's future using astrology, you have to know which angle they hang their clock and you have to compare them to all others who hang their clock that way. Sure enough there's another pattern. This time it's a predictable pattern of personality types, styles, and preferences. So as an astrologer you have to be able to knowrepparttar 122267 typical person of that clock position and then read their multi-handed clock. Then with your very best psychic abilities and intuition, tell them what you believe will happen.

Why does it work? Because it's all patterns and cycles and its predictable and it happensrepparttar 122268 same way over and over. Mayberepparttar 122269 planets were put inrepparttar 122270 positions they were put in just forrepparttar 122271 sole purpose of keeping time. Maybe they each have their own weird electrical gravitational pull. Mayberepparttar 122272 human brain has some sort of odd multi-handed clock programmed into it, each one as different as a set of fingerprints? Maybe some cosmic creator decided that this would be their universal filing system to help them remember who's doing what and where. Honestly, we don't know why it works. We just know that it is patterns and wheels that can be predicted likerepparttar 122273 weather changes each season.

Why should you bother to follow astrology? Forrepparttar 122274 same reasons that we followrepparttar 122275 weatherman's report. We want to be forewarned ofrepparttar 122276 possibility of storms and conflicts so we can protect ourselves accordingly. We want to be forewarned of sunny weather and positive aspects so that we can take advantage ofrepparttar 122277 blessings about to be given to us. If I know that there's a good chance it's going to rain, then I dress appropriately. If I know that there's a good chance that prosperity and abundance are coming my way, then I want to be well positioned and ready to receive my fair share. No weatherman is 100% correct andrepparttar 122278 same holds true for astrologers. Some are better at readingrepparttar 122279 signs then others. Some have more tools available for readingrepparttar 122280 skies then others. Both add valuable insight torepparttar 122281 possibilities of how your day could unfold. It's always good to be prepared. You don't plan an outdoor wedding ceremony without looking atrepparttar 122282 typical weather forecasts for that area. You don't plan an international vacation without looking atrepparttar 122283 political forecasts for that area. Think of astrology forecasts as one of many tools you have at your disposal for timing and plottingrepparttar 122284 course of your goals and dreams.

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Skye Thomas is a philosopher, published author, astrologer, and freelance writer specializing in inspiring leaps of faith. After twenty years of studying spirituality, metaphysics, astrology, personal growth, motivation, soulmates, and parenting, she has come to understand that there is a time and a season for everything. For more information, go to

Spiritual Science

Written by Robert Bruce Baird

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chip. The self-powered aspect when joined withrepparttar peptides which self-replicate in Bill Joy's Wired magazine article will provide some truly interesting possibilities that Joy and Kurzweil (Awardedrepparttar 122244 1999 National Award for Technology by Bill Clinton in March 2000, see Wired Magazine, Mar/Apr. 2000, for Bill Joy's article.) are confident will enable our human obsolescence as workers. It seems a little funny that one of my youthful philosophers 'Popeye' ('I Yam what I Yam'.) liked spinach and it will be part of this amazing aspect of technology. The Sylons of 'Battlestar Galactica' are soon to be a reality if we don't get our ethics in order. The 'Yam' also convinced leading botanists who felt there was no European contact beforerepparttar 122245 second millennium AD that there was indeed trade and trans-oceanic Travel">Travel with America. Actually that wasrepparttar 122246 American Sweet Potato which might be only a yam inrepparttar 122247 vernacular.

Sunday October 26, 2003 seesrepparttar 122248 Toronto Star running an article about a different Robin Williams who is a scientist in Ottawa. The article is most interesting due torepparttar 122249 fact that it shows how secrets run so much of science andrepparttar 122250 military is all over this one. Quantum encryption usingrepparttar 122251 fact that photons exist simultaneously in two different forms “somewhat like having a version of yourself to go to work and another to runrepparttar 122252 household errands atrepparttar 122253 same time.” Yes, that mysticist Heisenberg is at it again. “Enter quantum cryptography.

Quantum particles like photons should berepparttar 122254 ideal vehicle to carryrepparttar 122255 encryption key over ordinary communication channels – because ofrepparttar 122256 Heisenberg uncertainty Principle.” (2)

Twenty-one of my books are available at and hasrepparttar 122257 first book in my history of man's cultural evolution. It setsrepparttar 122258 stage for a history based on artifacts more than jounalistic intrigues to make sheep follow Caesar orrepparttar 122259 other tyrants.

About ten years ago I became aware I needed more than materialistic success and I wanted to fulfill some greater Purpose. Author of Diverse Druids Columnist for The ES Press Magazine guest expert

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