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There is a technique which appears, onrepparttar surface, to solve every single problem that you could dream of having with rankings and different search engines. This technique will make it header for people to steal your keywords and it will allow you to have different pages for each search engine, while still landing your visitors on a page perfectly suited for human reading.

It's called "cloaking" and it is exactly what it sounds like. The technique is pretty simple, really. You see, search engines are very nice about identifying themselves. They do this for a number of reasons, one of which is to make it easy for a web site to allow or reject their attentions (believe it or not, sometimes there are good reasons NOT to be listed in a search engine).

In a cloaked site, a special script is written which is executed onrepparttar 128391 server. This can be done with ASP or PHP pages (these are two different scripting languages) although most commonly it is done with standard CGI scripts executed using SSI.

Using this method,repparttar 128392 script is called beforerepparttar 128393 page is loaded. The script determinesrepparttar 128394 name ofrepparttar 128395 thing that is loadingrepparttar 128396 page. Is it a browser or a search engine? If it is a search engine, which one is it? Based uponrepparttar 128397 answer,repparttar 128398 script loads a page. So if it determines thatrepparttar 128399 page is being loaded by Altavista, it will call uprepparttar 128400 page which is optimized for Altavista. The same goes for Google, Northing Lights or any number of other engines.

This tends to hiderepparttar 128401 keywords and other search engine ranking techniques from prying eyes, since human beings always see a page created explicitly to be seen by humans. Note that this just makes it more difficult to get these keywords, not impossible. You see,repparttar 128402 name ofrepparttar 128403 search engine or browser (called a user agent) is handed torepparttar 128404 server byrepparttar 128405 browser - and it's not hard to fake (in fact, it's pretty darn trivial).

Cloaking is somewhat of a pain, since it does require a very well written script,repparttar 128406 use of server-side scripts, and, of course, a different page for each engine plus one for human reading. And since it's best to do this with ALL of your pages, it could significantly increaserepparttar 128407 amount of work you need to put into your site.

Another thing that cloaking is very good for is to present different pages to different browsers. This is a very cool way to create a site which looks perfect in Netscape and Internet Explorer as well as Opera. Of course, creating different pages for just these three browsers triples your work. So should you consider cloaking? Absolutely not.

You should NOT use cloaking.

Let me repeat this - do not use cloaking on your web site.

Onrepparttar 128408 surface it sounds likerepparttar 128409 perfect solution to search engine optimization except for one significant fact.

Cloaking is considered by all ofrepparttar 128410 major search engines to come underrepparttar 128411 heading of search engine spamming. If you are caught (and it's easy for a search engine to figure it out) you WILL be banned fromrepparttar 128412 engine. How do they catch you? Simple. The search engine simple sends a few test scans atrepparttar 128413 same time to your site using different TCP/IP addresses and identifications, and it "fools" your script into thinking it's a different engine. If your page looks different, it's possible it's cloaked.

So my advice is simple. Don't use cloaking. Instead of putting your efforts into fad promotional techniques and spamming methods, create quality content, get other webmasters to link to your site, and add honest keywords, titles, ALT tags and descriptions. Do this and your site will honestly move uprepparttar 128414 rankings. Honesty is also without failrepparttar 128415 best policy.

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How to turn 2 keywords into 1000's of keyphrases

Written by Robert Brady

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Examples of keyword possibilities for META name="keywords":

ice-cream(s) ice cream(s) icecream(s) ice-creme(s) ice creme(s) icecreme(s) ice-craem(s) ice craem(s) icecraem(s) find(ing) ice-cream(s) ice-cream(s) for (on) sale ice-cream(s) for (on) sale (in) London, New York etc. ice-cream store, shop, outlet etc. cheap(est) ice-cream(s) ice-cream site(s) ice cream recipe(s) homemade ice cream(s) home made ice cream(s) homemade ice cream recipe(s) home-made ice cream recipe(s) ice cream maker(s) ice cream machine(s) vanilla ice cream recipe(s) ice-cream information, info, info., infomation buy(ing) ice-cream buy + (allrepparttar misspellings of ice-cream) ice-cream sundae(s) (allrepparttar 128390 misspellings of ice-cream) + (allrepparttar 128391 misspellings of sundae) (allrepparttar 128392 misspellings) sunday ice-cream flavours (flavors) (allrepparttar 128393 misspellings of ice-cream) + (allrepparttar 128394 misspellings of vanilla) (allrepparttar 128395 misspellings of ice-cream) + (allrepparttar 128396 misspellings of chocolate) (allrepparttar 128397 misspellings of vanilla) + (allrepparttar 128398 misspellings of ice-cream) (allrepparttar 128399 misspellings of chocolate) + (allrepparttar 128400 misspellings of ice-cream) choc-ice (and all of above) ice-lolly (and all of above)

The above list has 1000's of possibilities;repparttar 128401 longer you spend onrepparttar 128402 keywordsrepparttar 128403 more traffic you can expect.

Some words will attract no visitors while others will attract many. Even if you operate in a very niche market and only get two or three visitors a year on each key-word or key-phrase, that should still net you hundreds of extra visitors. Other sites can expect thousands. Visit where you will find a list of pay-per-click directories that you can submit all of your new keyphrases to.

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