Clickbank Merchants = Theft Victims

Written by Shawn Pringle

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But this is onlyrepparttar first big problem for Clickbank merchants when it comes to protecting their product. Something many people don't know about Clickbank is that they promptly and without hesitation honor each and every refund request, no questions asked. EVERY SINGLE PRODUCT OFFERED IN THE CLICKBANK MARKETPLACE CAN BE DOWNLOADED ABSOLUTELY FREE OF CHARGE. How? By simply paying for any product and sending an email to Clickbank for a refund. There's no need to explain anything, just that you'd like a refund. You'll get your refund right away and guess what, you get to keeprepparttar 108420 product, for free. There is no requirement to returnrepparttar 108421 product like with a traditional refund, since there's no way to be surerepparttar 108422 product was really deleted. Imaginerepparttar 108423 absolute uproar brick-and-mortar merchants would be in if customers were allowed 100% unconditional refunds on request, andrepparttar 108424 customer gets to keeprepparttar 108425 shirt, pants, DVD , or whatever? They wouldn't be in business very long, that's for sure. So how are Clickbank merchants supposed to stay afloat? The only reason they are able to is because some people don't know how easy it is to get online products for free, so these people actually pay forrepparttar 108426 product. Within this system it's pure luck that anyone actually pays forrepparttar 108427 product. Some conscientious merchants claim, "I'm safe, I protect my download location with a third-party tool that creates my download location onrepparttar 108428 fly." This is a false sense of security. Basically this protection method simply hidesrepparttar 108429 download location, butrepparttar 108430 product is still just as susceptible to being freely distributed afterrepparttar 108431 download. And it can still be kept if a refund is issued. This is equivalent torepparttar 108432 banks simply hiding allrepparttar 108433 money instead of putting it inrepparttar 108434 bank vault. The only real way to stop thieves and freebie-seekers is to protectrepparttar 108435 product itself with unique identifiers and access codes for each customer. Until more merchants become wise to this one simple truth rampant software piracy will continue to plague Clickbank merchants andrepparttar 108436 rest ofrepparttar 108437 software community.

*average 40% worldwide software piracy rate for 2001 & 2002, and dollar losses totalling $24.05 billion, based on intensive studies byrepparttar 108438 Business Software Alliance .

Shawn Pringle is the owner of two essential products for the entire Clickbank community. He can be reached via his web site, or through email at .

Proof Reading-The in "Audible" Art Form

Written by Brian Holte

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Some writers hire proof-readers for their final drafts, they are familiar withrepparttar way most documents are supposed to be properly structured. Proof-readers are always there when you need them, most use a checklist to makerepparttar 108419 process as painless as possible especially for them days when it feels like it’s a Monday. Most approach proofing in a systematic way, breakingrepparttar 108420 tasks into segments or sections completing them one at a time sorepparttar 108421 job at hand doesn’t seem so big. Some have “their” way that works perfect for them but not for others, everyone’s different. What you can’t see or don’t notice proof-reader’s usually do. Some are even fluent in many different languages but be prepared to pay for such a valuable service. When seekingrepparttar 108422 services of a proof-reader cash may not always be required, although I’m sure they would prefer cash instead of an exchange of services don’t count outrepparttar 108423 bartering process totally. Some may also provide copywriting services that pack a punch with your target market, treat your proof-reader likerepparttar 108424 “diamond” they are and send themrepparttar 108425 occasional thank-you card. Proof-readers are a valuable tool,repparttar 108426 next time you see one salute him or her (I wouldn’t recommend kissingrepparttar 108427 shoes though).

Brian is a freelance writer and owner of He publishes a monthly newsletter called The Ebook King Chronicles.

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