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Written by Stephan Miller

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I love when I sign up for an affiliate program and clickrepparttar link assigned to me to test it out and I am delivered torepparttar 102409 main page ofrepparttar 102410 site. There is no "?hop=" behindrepparttar 102411 URL, just "" This lets me know that my only job is to getrepparttar 102412 word out onrepparttar 102413 product and not become an expert on encryption just to make a sale. Just to let you developers know out there, it is also great not to create a link for affiliates from any page designed for sales. You've just defeated any work we as affiliates or you as a responsible marketer have done to save our commissions. Sendrepparttar 102414 link afterrepparttar 102415 sales if you want to but don't treat your affiliates like dirt by telling their lead that they can get a 50% discount by signing up for your affiliate program.

Another reason for product developers to check out link cloaking software: link popularity. If you userepparttar 102416 conventional hoplink, Clickbank gets a link back to their site. Ifrepparttar 102417 affiliate has to encryptrepparttar 102418 link himself, no one getsrepparttar 102419 link credit. If you buy one of these scripts, your affiliates will advertise a link that points to your site. Just something to think about.

Then there is sales notices. There are none. There used to be a time when Clickbank would send you an e-mail each and every time you made a sale. Spam? Only if you consider a check fromrepparttar 102420 IRS junk mail. Personally, Clickbank could fill my inbox torepparttar 102421 limits with notices like this. But this service is no longer there.

I don't want to even start with Clickbank's sales reports functions. Lets just say that they could be improved, a lot.

This is even another area where third party vendors lend a helping hand. You can create affiliate sales reports, profit reports, send e-mails to your customers, and even graph sales trends with such software. Some are scripts that you run on your site. These will send out a thank you e-mail, addrepparttar 102422 customer to your database and even activate an autoreponder to send out e-mails to your customers inrepparttar 102423 future. Others allow to have multiple products, multiple sites, and only one Clickbank account.

So what am I trying to say? Just that withrepparttar 102424 money you would think Clickbank is making, it seems that they could create a more elaborate, user-friendly site. Despite this, you can't beat Clickbank for high commissions and consolidated payments. In fact, some ofrepparttar 102425 holes inrepparttar 102426 Clickbank system has allowed some innovative software developers to step in and provide very useful tools. Those who use Clickbank to sell their products should take notice and guarantee an effective affiliate sales force by at least checking these solutions out. In turn, they will be rewarded with more sales and affiliates who trust them.

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Why Join 2 Tier Affiliate Programs?

Written by Terence Tan

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All else being equal, 2 Tier Affiliate Programs are a good alternative for webmasters hoping to add an additional stream of revenue to their sites.

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Terence Tan isrepparttar project manager of, a website dedicated towardsrepparttar 102408 development of Multiple Tier Affiliate Programs as an alternative system of business.

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About The Author:

Terence Tan is the project manager of, a website dedicated towards the development of Multiple Tier Affiliate Programs as an alternative system of business.

Visit to learn how 2 Tier Affiliate Programs can multiply your affiliate referral commissions.

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