"Clever Headlines Usually Flop! Are You Being Too Clever For Your Own Good?"

Written by George Dodge

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Ted subsequently changedrepparttar title to 'How To Get Out Of Debt' andrepparttar 108008 book sold well from that point on.

If you are trying to promote something, keep your titles clear and simple. Leave clever and humorous torepparttar 108009 entertainers.

Headlines that are too abstract are often unclear torepparttar 108010 reader and do not clearly identify torepparttar 108011 reader why they should be interested inrepparttar 108012 information contained inrepparttar 108013 follow on copy.

Make your headlines clear. Identify a benefit torepparttar 108014 reader as to why they should read on further into your ad, article, or sales letter. If you do, you will find your desired results will improve.

George Dodge has worked on the Internet since 1994 developing, and serving as webmaster for, numerous government and commercial websites. One of his commercial sites focusing on headline copywriting is www.Headline-Creator-Pro.com where you can get your copy of a headline generating tool that enables you to create winning headlines quickly with push button ease.

Five Sections of Your Copy Guaranteed To Get Read

Written by Karon Thackston

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Just as withrepparttar first sentence in each paragraph, people also almost always readrepparttar 108007 first entry in a bulleted list. If it hits home, they might keep reading. But, knowing that you have their attention for at least one second, always make sure your first bullet point is extremely powerful and enticing.


Writing a direct mail or Web sales letter? The PS is another hot spot. Take advantage of this real estate. Repeat offers, remind readers of bonuses, reinforce guarantees or recap limited-time offers. This section isrepparttar 108008 final pitch before your reader either acts or trashes your copy so make it count.

Have you noticed something about these five sections? Why do you think they are virtually guaranteed to get read in any piece of copy? They are unusual. They are limited. They stand out. They are eye-catching.

You only have a limited number of headlines and sub-heads in copy. They are almost always offset by bolding or underlining so they easily catchrepparttar 108009 eye ofrepparttar 108010 reader. Captions only appear when there are images. They do not appear all throughoutrepparttar 108011 copy. First sentences are also rare. Only one sentence in each paragraph can berepparttar 108012 first one. This tellsrepparttar 108013 reader to keep going or jump to another section that might be of more interest. First entries in bulleted lists are unusually formatted and catchrepparttar 108014 eye ofrepparttar 108015 reader. PS's? There's only one, and since it'srepparttar 108016 last thing onrepparttar 108017 page, most often, it stands out too.

These rare elements give you five guaranteed shots at building curiosity, promoting benefits, generating interest and closing sales. If you haven't done it before, now isrepparttar 108018 time to review your copy to be sure you're makingrepparttar 108019 most out of these opportunities.

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