Clearing out hallways

Written by Mary Lambert

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family’s coat, jackets and umbrellas. A lot of hallways are very narrow so place a mirror on a side wall to expandrepparttar space. Never place a mirror oppositerepparttar 147598 front door, however, as it bouncesrepparttar 147599 energy straight out again. Think about having a side table underrepparttar 147600 mirror with a letter rack or tray for your post and a key holder to store keys. Place fresh flowers there or an attractive evergreen floral arrangement forrepparttar 147601 festive season. Ifrepparttar 147602 hall (and porch) needs painting, paint it a shade ofrepparttar 147603 front door’s colour to draw more yang (positive) energy into your home. Make sure you have good lighting,repparttar 147604 brighterrepparttar 147605 better to improverepparttar 147606 energy flow. Lastly look atrepparttar 147607 art (or lack of it) onrepparttar 147608 walls and add some inspiring posters, landscapes or abstract pictures that reflect your personality. Avoid anything that depicts sadness, poverty or something that is hard work e.g. people climbing mountains as these symbols may start to reflect in your life. Clean any rugs and polish floors and you are about ready for visitors.

Mistingrepparttar 147609 atmosphere with lavender essential oil (put 5 or 6 drops in a plant mister half filled with water) will liftrepparttar 147610 ambience and leave a wonderful fragrant aroma. Mist regularly duringrepparttar 147611 Christmas season and seerepparttar 147612 beneficial effects on your guests.

Mary Lambert is an experienced feng shui and decluttering consultant and can be contacted on

Get rid of that clutter

Written by Mary Lambert

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Clear out and move on So have a big clearout, be ruthless keep only what you really like and want. Do a few hours here and there and see how you lift your home’s energy and atmosphere. It is truly liberating, once you create a shift and dump that rubbish that has being annoying you for months, you will soon notice new exciting things starting to happen.

Clutter clearing tips • Go round each room with a pad and assess your junk, highlightrepparttar priority areas to sort out first. • Do one small area at a time, focus on clearing out a drawer, cupboard or a wardrobe – don’t overwhelm yourself. • Get together five bags or boxes and label them: Junk, Charity shop or friends, Things to be repaired or altered, Things to sort and move and Transitional (keep inrepparttar 147597 loft for 6 months, if you don’t miss them, throw them out). Sort out all your clutter into these bags. • Don’t hold onto presents you don’t like just because a friend or relative gave them to you, give them to charity or someone who will like them. • If anything is broken, get it mended or get rid of it as it promotes negative energy. • Remember linking yourself to past relationships won’t let new ones come in, so keep a few romantic mementoes, but throw awayrepparttar 147598 rest.

Mary Lambert is an experienced feng shui and decluttering consultant and can be contacted at

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