Cleaning Out The Cabinets in Your Kitchen

Written by Stephanie Davies

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The other method we will list isrepparttar painting method. This is a great method to use if you are a creative type, and also if you have children who have difficulty putting things where they should. Simply acquire several different colors of paint (repparttar 100177 surface depends upon what type paint. Please use your best judgment), and a paintbrush. After grouping your items, look at and evaluate your space available. Make out a map of sorts, and be sure to leave room for future accommodations. Once you have decided in your mind or on a sheet of paper where everything will go you can do one ofrepparttar 100178 two following things. First you can simply paint lines aroundrepparttar 100179 areas where certain groups will sit. For instance, draw a square line inrepparttar 100180 corner ofrepparttar 100181 cabinet exactly where your spices will be. You can ,makerepparttar 100182 lines straight, wavy, dotted, curly...whatever your imagination desires! Then after lettingrepparttar 100183 paint dry, placerepparttar 100184 items in their designated areas. The other way of doing this is to paintrepparttar 100185 entire area in instead of just drawing lines. This can be a lot more challenging, but also a lot prettier. Imagine for a moment, opening a pretty white cabinet with brass handles, and findingrepparttar 100186 inside painted with four different pastel colors, each having its own group of like minded items. Very pretty indeed! In fact, if you are an artist, you can paint any type of motif or design for a specific category.

Now, while you are doing this there are several things to keep in mind. First, remember to clean outrepparttar 100187 shelves while you have everything out. Secondly, there will be several things you find that you know won't be used...get rid of them. Thirdly, you probably will find several items that just won't have a category of their own. For this you can make a "misc" box or section, or else place it in a different room or area.

I hope these ideas will help you to createrepparttar 100188 kitchen of your dreams, and to find things easier inrepparttar 100189 meantime. Please feel free to contact me with any questions or suggestions.

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Tearing Down the House

Written by David Leonhardt

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If tearing it all down took so long, how many hours will it take to put uprepparttar new walls, includingrepparttar 100176 wall overlookingrepparttar 100177 staircase? (Did I mention I'm afraid of heights?)

How long will it take to cut and placerepparttar 100178 trim (baseboards, casing, crown molding, and a new window sill I brokerepparttar 100179 old one trying to pry loose a lathe strip)?

How long will it take to hang a new door? To sandrepparttar 100180 old floor? To clean uprepparttar 100181 big mess? To liftrepparttar 100182 wallboard torepparttar 100183 second floor? To return torepparttar 100184 store for more nails or to replace lumber I wreck or to pick up a few dozen items I forget? To replasterrepparttar 100185 corners I plaster wrongrepparttar 100186 first time (andrepparttar 100187 second andrepparttar 100188 third and ...)?

I sat my wife down for a heart-to-heart. "Honey, we have a business to run, a toddler to nurture, family members to help, a house to clean on occasion, and a jungle that will need mowing one of these days. We need ductwork to thaw our bedroom this winter,repparttar 100189 foundation needs crack-filling and this nursery would take Hercules many long days of hard labor to complete. I don't know if we can find time for all this beforerepparttar 100190 baby is born."

"Maybe we should put something off," my wife suggested.

"Great idea!" I said, looking at my agenda. "Now, let's see. How long do you want to delayrepparttar 100191 delivery?"

I ducked just in time.

The easiest thing to reschedule turned out to be my sleep. Right now I have a house to upgrade. There'll be plenty of time for sleep next year. That is, if I don't grow too old inrepparttar 100192 meantime and need to be torn down myself.

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