Classical Venetian Blinds

Written by Garry John

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Those patterns are a function ofrepparttar way thatrepparttar 143979 Venetian blind slats are tilted. Typically, we think of Venetian blinds as being open – withrepparttar 143980 slats fully horizontal to allow inrepparttar 143981 most light – or closed, withrepparttar 143982 slats tightly overlapping to block outrepparttar 143983 light. But various angles of tilt serve different purposes, many of which have been lost inrepparttar 143984 years since Venetian blinds were a means of heat control as well as light and privacy control. Tilt your Venetian blinds up to reflect light towardrepparttar 143985 ceilings in summer, for instance, and you’ll find your rooms are up to ten degrees cooler than if you hadrepparttar 143986 blinds completely closed. Tilt them down toward to conserve heat by aimingrepparttar 143987 light towardrepparttar 143988 floor andrepparttar 143989 heat will warmrepparttar 143990 room as it rises.

Venetian blinds are available today in a wide variety of colors and materials. You can choose vinyl or PVC blinds to accent or contrast with your walls and furnishings, plain white aluminum Venetian blinds for a classic ‘office’ look, or faux wood Venetian blinds to warm any room withrepparttar 143991 natural ambience of wood grains and patterns.

Whatever patterns and styles you choose, though, when you choose Venetian blinds (which are traditionally less expensive than many other window blinds), you are choosing a window covering with a long and varied history. Enjoy adding that subtle touch of drama to your home.

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10 Tips On Cutting Plywood Correctly

Written by Cedar Creek Woodshop

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7. Backing Panel – Attach a backing panel with strong double stick tape. The backer board will takerepparttar brunt ofrepparttar 143786 damage.

8. Use a Router – A router fitted with a straight bit will cut a clean line. A pilot bit and straight edge will help provide a clean line.

9. Score with a Utility Knife – Scorerepparttar 143787 cut line with a utility knife.

10. Buy a Panel Scoring Setup – Some saws can be fitted with a plywood panel scoring setup and are ideal if you have to cut a lot of plywood. The setup consists of a smaller blade that scoresrepparttar 143788 surface ofrepparttar 143789 plywood before it reachesrepparttar 143790 cutter.

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