Classic Fragfest: Quake III Arena

Written by Austin Culley

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The engine this game runs on is good enough to enable a relatively intense dispersal of body parts fromrepparttar shot gun blast you administor to your victim, and yes, produces blood splatter on walls and screams of agony. A midrange system can handle all thatrepparttar 150556 game offers.

The extra staying power ofrepparttar 150557 game revolves aroundrepparttar 150558 creation of new maps and bot models by gamers themselves; which can be found for download at places like LvLWorld and Polycount. Thousands of maps and hundreds of bots can bring a whole new dimension torepparttar 150559 game, andrepparttar 150560 creations continue to this day. Take on Homer Simpson, Darth Vader, orrepparttar 150561 creature from Aliens in maps ranging from being inside a computer tower , where you are about two inches tall; to rampaging through a city, where you can leap fromrepparttar 150562 top of each building in a single bouncepad ... allrepparttar 150563 while trying to evade a plasma gun, rocket launcher, or flamethrower.

Austin Culley is an avid gamer whose wife continues in her effort to take his Quake 3 Arena Title away from him at least once a week. He can be reached at

Reel Thrilling - Play Slots Smart for Maximum Fun

Written by Michal Sram

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Pressrepparttar button: With video slots, you can choose to bet anything from one to 10 coins per line depending onrepparttar 150501 game. First chooserepparttar 150502 size of coins you wish to play with, then selectrepparttar 150503 number of coins per line you wish bet.That way, if you want to change your bet, all that you have to do is changerepparttar 150504 number of coins per line without having to change allrepparttar 150505 settings of your game.


1. Scatter Matters

Scatter symbols can appear anywhere on your screen. No matter where, if you get enough you'll be winner. To check how many you need to quaalify, just go torepparttar 150506 paytable screen where all possible winning combinations are listed.

2. Playrepparttar 150507 Wild Card

The more you see,repparttar 150508 luckier you get. Like jokers in cards, wild symbols take onrepparttar 150509 value ofrepparttar 150510 symbol to their immediate left on any active payline.

3. A little bit Extra

Bonus featurs are a special feature of video slot. They are triggered by a certain combinations of symbols (depending onrepparttar 150511 game) and appear in different forms. Some give you free spins in which all your winns are multiplied. Others are a lot like a lucky draw. You get to choose a mystery item that gives you bonus credit.

4. Speed Uprepparttar 150512 Thrill

When you've gotrepparttar 150513 hang of video slots you can choose expert mode. By clicking onrepparttar 150514 "expert mode" button you can change your options. The quick play buttons "spin 5x" and "spin 10x" allow you to do just that. If you change your minds, just click onrepparttar 150515 stop button.

5. Want to Kick Back and Relax?

If you click onrepparttar 150516 autoplay button, a dialogue box will appear that allows you to choose exactly howrepparttar 150517 featuree works. You chooserepparttar 150518 number of spins andrepparttar 150519 amount of time between spins.

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