Class Action Suits

Written by Anna Henningsgaard

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hurt byrepparttar same defective product. Firstrepparttar 149540 court establishes whetherrepparttar 149541 product causedrepparttar 149542 injury. After this is established thenrepparttar 149543 court determines how badly each party was injured and what reparations could be. Class actions can also be brought on contracts and security claims. Class actions often involve hundreds, thousands, even millions of participants with similar claims. Once these people have class action certification, all claims can be heard in a single trial. GA

If you have any questions about class action lawsuits, please contact a class action lawyer right away.


The Law Offices of Chaikin & Sherman Announce Updated Website

Written by Sara Goldstein

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Chaikin, who has been representing accident victims in Washington DC for over 37 years, stated about his practice “…we vigorously representrepparttar citizens of this community, whether their injuries are catastrophic or minor. Mr. Sherman, who was elected President ofrepparttar 149395 Trial Lawyers' Association of Metropolitan Washington, D.C. declared that he has “…a personal attachment to my clients” and he “never lose[s] sight ofrepparttar 149396 struggle for equal justice.” With their updated website, they will be able to reach out to a larger spectrum of injured people. The website also provides general legal resources for people just needing more information about personal injury law.

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