Clarifying Butter

Written by Shauna Hanus

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The next day whenrepparttar butter has completely cooled you will see thatrepparttar 142215 butter has separated into three layers. The top layer is white and creamy looking,repparttar 142216 middle layer isrepparttar 142217 clarified butter, andrepparttar 142218 bottom layer isrepparttar 142219 watery liquid that has been separated out ofrepparttar 142220 butter.

The second step is to use a spoon scrape offrepparttar 142221 top white layer. Discard this layer.

Third use a tooth pick or a skewer to poke several holes inrepparttar 142222 remaining butter. Be sure to reach allrepparttar 142223 way torepparttar 142224 bottom ofrepparttar 142225 bread pan.

The fourth and final step is to pour offrepparttar 142226 liquid onrepparttar 142227 bottom ofrepparttar 142228 pan. What remains is a rich and delectable clarified butter.

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The Old Fashioned: Two Recipes of an Underrated Classic

Written by Ellen Zucker

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Old Fashioned Cocktail

1 lump sugar 2 dashes Peychaud or Angostura bitters 1 jigger rye whiskey 1 piece lemon peel 1 chunk pineapple 1 slice orange peel 2 maraschino cherries

Into a heavy-bottomed barglass drop a lump of sugar, dash onrepparttar bitters, and crush with a spoon. Pour inrepparttar 142085 jigger of rye whiskey and stir with several lumps of ice. No shaking allowed! Letrepparttar 142086 mixture remain inrepparttar 142087 glass in which it is prepared. Garnish with a half-ring of orange peel, addrepparttar 142088 chunk of pineapple andrepparttar 142089 cherries with a little ofrepparttar 142090 maraschino juice. Twistrepparttar 142091 slice of lemon peel over all and serve inrepparttar 142092 mixing glass withrepparttar 142093 barspoon.

It is suggested by some that it is best to dissolverepparttar 142094 sugar into a small amount of water first since sugar does not dissolve well in alcohol.

The appearance of additional fruit became commonplace afterrepparttar 142095 days of prohibition.

Try both versions and decide which you prefer.

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