Civil War Uniform Shirts - Should You Use a One or Two-Piece Body?

Written by Paula and Coach McCoach

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If you don't have enough material to do a 1-piece body, you can do 2 and piece them together using a shoulder strap.

It depended on how much material they had. You can only tell if it is a 2-piece body if you turnrepparttar shirt inside out. Yes,repparttar 140720 2-piece body was common during Civil War times.

There were many civilian shirts duringrepparttar 140721 war and they varied greatly because many of them were sent from home.

All my shirts have glass buttons on them, but that is no rule either.

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Coach McCoach has been a Civil War reenactor in the 4th North Carolina Infantry, 2nd Virginia Regiment, and 21st Virginia Company B. Coach has received the "Authenticity Award" from these companies several times for his Civil War Uniform Impression. Coach's Civil War uniform designs have been seen in the movies GETTYSBURG, Antietam Visitors Center, ANDERSONVILLE.

How to Break The Look Of Your House With Discount Area Rugs

Written by Andrew Caxton

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Area rugs have been popular during years. They are relatively easy to take care of, there are many styles, textures, materials and sizes to choose from, so why donít buy one? Itís time to replace some old furniture, all that you need is some creativity and money. First of all you need to establish a budget before start searching. You can check many internet websites in order to get an idea ofrepparttar prices. There are some net online that sell discount rugs at affordable prices.

What to look for online discount area rugs? The first and most important thing when search online isrepparttar 140661 quality; Make sure that you purchase good quality items as well as durable that last at least some years, especially whether you have small children around. If so, think aboutrepparttar 140662 durability ofrepparttar 140663 offered discounted area rugs. You should do a deep research around internet before decide on your purchase.

You should study all possible affordable types of materials. Probably, you already have a rough idea ofrepparttar 140664 material that you would like your new rug to be. No matter what style, color or material is, area rugs are a necessity for households. Everyone should have a great rug for her or his home. Surprise everyone by adding a new compliment to your entrance, your friends will be amazed with your new style, do not hesitate about that.

Andrew used to publish decorating tips and reviews at his site, where you can find articles on Shag Area Rugs and flooring.

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