City Wide Garage Sales: Hidden Riches!

Written by Randy Wilson

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Whenrepparttar city wide garage sale is over pack up what is left and place it in a designated area. Take down your signs and count your money. Takerepparttar 144427 money that you initially put in for change, and then take change out forrepparttar 144428 next sale. Userepparttar 144429 remainder to purchase more items at city wide garage sales inrepparttar 144430 weeks between your garage sales. Markrepparttar 144431 new items as soon as you get them home, and place them withrepparttar 144432 rest ofrepparttar 144433 items. Repeat this cycle as often as you like.

Another option is to rent space at a local flea market. Many people do not like to do this because ofrepparttar 144434 need to haulrepparttar 144435 items back and forth. However, if you live in an apartment or in an out-of-the-way area, this may berepparttar 144436 perfect solution.

You can also have online garage sales. In this instance, you sellrepparttar 144437 items as you wish, and can continue year round. There is no getting up early or setting anything up and taking it down. It is almost completely virtual.

Many garage sales online have blossomed into online auction sites, such as and eBay. There are printed books, e-books, periodicals, and classes to teach you how to make money on these sites. These virtual online garage sales can be done at anytime of day or night and anytime of year. Online garage sales may berepparttar 144438 wave ofrepparttar 144439 future.

Whichever you decide to do, or if you decide on a combination ofrepparttar 144440 two types of garage sales, you will always have items to sell. City wide garage sales are constantly going on in some area, but auctions, estate auctions, and thrift stores are also good hunting grounds for items to sell on your garages sale online or in your front yard.

It is a little work to get it started butrepparttar 144441 more you dorepparttar 144442 more you will understandrepparttar 144443 mechanics of these sales, what sells and what doesn’t, and how much to ask. In no time, you will be making money in your front yard and online garage sales.

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So You Don't Have a Business Plan - Why Not?

Written by Valerie Giles

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You'll probably find that these are difficult questions to answer. If that'srepparttar case, make a point of asking your customers through a survey. As an incentive to fill outrepparttar 144426 survey, you can offer a free draw withrepparttar 144427 prize of your product o service forrepparttar 144428 winner.

Your survey can find out what they like most about your business, what they would change, if they have additional needs you could meet and much more. Use this information to create a solid marketing plan.

Once you are familiar with your target market, put this information down on paper and start writing your marketing plan. A marketing plan should cover one year and be evaluated atrepparttar 144429 end of that year. Downrepparttar 144430 road you can create two to five-year plans, but for now, stick with one year at a time.

When creating your plan, put it into a three-ring binder so that it is easy to refer back to on a regular basis. Try to check in with your plan monthly. Add a tab for monthly reports so that you can trackrepparttar 144431 success of your marketing efforts. In this section, put monthly reports on sales and your return on marketing investments. If a specific activity is costing much more than it brings in, it might be pertinent to re-evaluate that activity and make changes as necessary.

If you think you're too small to create a marketing plan, think again! You can take your cue from some ofrepparttar 144432 business giants out there in order to take your small or home based business torepparttar 144433 next level. McDonalds, The Gap and Coca Cola wouldn't be where they are today without an incredible marketing plan, pulled together with cohesive marketing communications. 

These companies know that effective marketing is not just about creating catchy jingles or funny commercials, but rather that's it's about understanding their customers can communicating key messages clearly while maintaining a consistent identity that corresponds torepparttar 144434 values of that target market.

Although not all work at home moms are planning on beingrepparttar 144435 next McDonalds, you can still use your marketing plan and cohesive marketing communications on a smaller scale to reap similar benefits.

So in conclusion, take some time to get to know your customers, write down what you learn and then plan strategic marketing strategies to best reach and communicate with them. Review your plan regularly to make sure it works and plan to succeed. With a well thought out plan, your small or home-based business will soar.

Valerie Giles operates the Workathome-Resources Web Site which will be of interest to home-business beginners looking for profitable business ideas, resources, free grant money and start up information. She has successfully operated a graphic design and internet marketing home based business since 1990.

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