Cities Full of Chaotic Order

Written by Alec Ellis

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Anyway, I did another. While doing this it gave me time to think, I used another piece of charcoal and started a drawing with vertical straight lines, then naturally I put in a horizontal line, a bit of shade and another vertical line, and so on.

Good god! I was drawing edges of buildings, they looked familiar, it was a scene of about anywhere in London, any “alley way”, or terrace house rear. I was at home. I now had a theme, and caught a feeling. While drawing I realised that from all of London’s billions of chaotically placed bricks, drain pipes, windows, curtains, outside toilet cisterns; like in any established city, there was order. A tranquillity has come fromrepparttar variety of chaos, which overrepparttar 149453 years had found its own order. I have started putting them up on my website now, you can seerepparttar 149454 first four atrepparttar 149455 bottom of my “projects” page on my website - these arerepparttar 149456 first, as I mentioned above, butrepparttar 149457 ones I have yet to put up are more intense, and more tranquil. It shows how happy I am with my new discovery, I have already had these four mounted and framed for my wall inrepparttar 149458 studio. I am off up to Sydney next week to take allot of alley way shots, sketch some close views of bricks and drain pipes. The dirtier, uglier, and seedierrepparttar 149459 better.

I loverepparttar 149460 wayrepparttar 149461 front ofrepparttar 149462 house is a face, yetrepparttar 149463 alley ways, in which people are not expected to venture or observe, norrepparttar 149464 rears of terrace housing, are given any real attention. Drain pipes, dirty walls, bins, old fencing, little side windows that still retainrepparttar 149465 fifties or even thirties original curtains,repparttar 149466 curtains that came withrepparttar 149467 house.

A million pieces of chaos come to order... lovely.

Alec Ellis Artist For eighteen years as a Graphic Designer from London College of Printing, UK, I have never had as much fun, freedom and serious focus as I have now.

If you give it 100%, there is no such thing as failure

Written by Stephen Hill

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I was discussing this very subject with a colleague from work. He actually agreed withrepparttar points I was making and told me about an argument he had with one of his teachers when he was at school. He had overheard this particular teacher, discussing his sisters previous years examination results, with another teacher. They were being very critical about her, basically saying how badly she had done. My colleague knew how much effort his sister had put in and toldrepparttar 149354 teacher as much, stating that in his eyes she had passed every one of those exams.

Whatever you do in life, as long as you try your best, your can do no more.

Stephen Hill

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