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Example Two

On Monday and Friday use allrepparttar machines for trainingrepparttar 142519 upper body. And then on Tuesday and Thursday use allrepparttar 142520 machines for trainingrepparttar 142521 lower body .

While taking one minute to rest while still remembering to do one complete circuit.

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Fun Fitness Tips!

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VCR / DVD - Head torepparttar library or local rental store and grab a fun fitness video or DVD. Crank uprepparttar 142456 sound when your favorite tunes come on and joinrepparttar 142457 taped workout participants inrepparttar 142458 privacy of your own home.

GYM / FITNESS CENTER - Dig out those coupons you've been receiving in envelop mailers and those money saving coupon magazines. Again, no need to commit long-term. Just head on over and userepparttar 142459 free or low-cost trial / invitational period and enjoy!

JOURNALING - Spice up your logging routine with an inexpensive new journal from a discount or dollar store nearby. Crate snazzy charts with colored markers. Add bright colored stickers for each workout. Paste or tape clipped pictures of your goals throughoutrepparttar 142460 covers and inside sections. For example, paste pictures of that vacation spot you want to travel to with your new, healthy YOU wearing a new swimsuit.

So add some fun in with your fitness activities. Wake up your senses with new taste, smells, sights, touches and sounds. Forget that "All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy" stuff. Workouts plus play make Jack a fun, fit boy!

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