Church Fundraising - Make a Connection

Written by Kimberly Reynolds

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Another way to display these donor recognition bricks that will strengthenrepparttar tie your church is to design and construct an attractive landscaping display. Many churches build a prayer garden and incorporate these engraved bricks inrepparttar 127037 sidewalks, planters, and rest/reflection areas.

Ask yourself if your church grounds could benefit from some additional landscaping. Then consider that each personalized brick could bring a donation of as much as $150 while also strengtheningrepparttar 127038 bond between donor and church. See examples at

What about high dollar capital campaign contributions?

For recognition purposes, nothing beats an attractive wall display in a high-traffic area such as a foyer or entryway. Let's face it. People like to see their good deeds recognized and they like to see them recognized where their friends and neighbors can also see.

The higherrepparttar 127039 campaign amounts sought for your church's capital campaign,repparttar 127040 more tasteful your recognition program should be. One simple method features engraved brass plaques on a polished wood backdrop. Donors selectrepparttar 127041 message they want displayed on their respective plaques. See examples at

Another method, which is somewhat fancier, involves a gift tree. A three dimensional sculpture of a tree with burnished metal leaves is fixed upon a wooden backdrop for wall mounting. Each leaf is engraved withrepparttar 127042 donor's message andrepparttar 127043 end result is high-quality artwork inrepparttar 127044 church's foyer or lobby. See examples at

For very personalized recognition, consider offering a cast bronze plaque that highlights individual contributions to a specific project. You can also offer smaller individual photo plaques that provide more room for customization ofrepparttar 127045 message. See examples at

There are many more ways to increase your church fundraising, but they'll have to wait for another article.

Good Luck and God Bless!

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The Etiquette of Tithing

Written by Paula Langguth Ryan

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If someone is tithing to you and you're worried that it's too much or it's too big of an item, or it's too much of their time to expect them to give, simply ask: "Are you sure?" If they say yes, then graciously accept their tithe so that all may prosper.

3: Tap intorepparttar circular flow of tithing energy. Energy must flow, in and around and through us or it becomes stagnant. This goes for money energy as well as any other kind of energy. We must give freely and receive freely or we will put a bottleneck inrepparttar 127036 universal flow of energy. We stop up our own prosperity and that of those around us when we react in fear or shame whether we're giving or receiving.

I was part of an unusual tithing situation last Tuesday that brought this home. I spent some time with my wonderful spiritual mentor, Nellie, and tithed to her. Later than evening, I received a tithe from Nellie and from my church. I was so grateful forrepparttar 127037 unexpected tithe, and for how deeply I was moved during that evening's meditation, that I immediately tithed 10% of what I'd just received back to Nellie. Sometimes, you will find that you spiritually feed each other. Honor that with your tithes. Don't withhold them because you think it's "weird" to tithe back to someone who just tithed to you. For tithing is what we all do, all day, whether we know it or not.

You tithe of your talents, even in your everyday work world. I tithe of my talents, when I put words on paper. Give freely, open and receptive torepparttar 127038 good that will be coming to you. This good may come inrepparttar 127039 form of a steady paycheck, or it make come inrepparttar 127040 form of an occasional tithe. Be open and receptive to letting Spirit decide how that good will come to you. Releaserepparttar 127041 fear and open your heart to give and receive your tithes.

Paula Langguth Ryan is dedicated to helping you heal your relationship with money by helping you change the way you think and feel about prosperity and abundance. To learn more about her innovative prosperity teachings, visit her website at

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