Christmas Vacation for Your Home Business - A Survival Guide

Written by Donna Schwartz Mills

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You need to communicate with your customers when you get back as well, especially when email replies have been delayed for a few days due to your absence. 'People are understanding if you offer a reason forrepparttar long wait,' says Terri Seymour of < >


'I've always thought that I should extend my vacation by two days when telling others,' says Roberta Stubblefield of The Mom Team < > 'That way I can userepparttar 117793 two days to catch up on everything withrepparttar 117794 answering machine on, then be ready to start out fresh.'


A virtual assistant could berepparttar 117795 answer to your vacation prayers, notes Kristie Lemauga, who happens to berepparttar 117796 VA at < > Kristie suggests that by forwarding your email to a live person instead of using an autoresponder, your customers can have their needs handled in a personal manner. Kristie says that A VA can also 'process any orders, info requests, data entry, and unsubscribes while you are away, take phone calls for your business, prepare your calender for your return, and assist with administrative tasks ... so you can catch up inrepparttar 117797 areas that require your personal attention.'


As much as we love our children (and for many of us, they arerepparttar 117798 reason we are working at home inrepparttar 117799 first place), they can also be a distraction. You'll catch up faster upon your return if they're having fun outsiderepparttar 117800 house. Terri Seymour arranges an overnight visit with their grandparents, but taking them to a playdate atrepparttar 117801 home of a trusted friend may give you allrepparttar 117802 time you need to focus on your work. (Just be sure your friend knows you'll returnrepparttar 117803 favor soon!)


Remember that you need your break! Bake those cookies - enjoyrepparttar 117804 parties - build a snowman with your kids and warm yourselves up next to a roaring fire. As Angela Strosnider says, 'Working at home is a 24/7 job just like any other when you add a house and family. Take a personal time-out with you and your loved ones, and you will feel much better about working so much later.'

Donna Schwartz Mills is the work-at-home parent behind the ParentPreneur Club: Donna also edits NOBOSS Online, the newsletter for home-based entrepreneurs doing business on the web. To subscribe, send a blank email to:

"How To Decide What To Sell on Your Web Site"

Written by Milana Nastetskaya

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Services are great to offer on your web site, but keep in mind that there is only so many hours a week you can work. Your income will be limited to onlyrepparttar time you can work, unless you offer other non-service products for sale as well.

Electronic products arerepparttar 117792 easiest to produce, don't require a large financial investment, can create an unlimited revenue, and is extremely in high demand. Computer software that makes people's lives easier, tutorials that teach them how to use it, and information on just about any subject inrepparttar 117793 world arerepparttar 117794 hottest products.

If you have any knowledge or experience on a subject that most people are clueless about AND are willing to pay for information that teaches them about it, then you've got a winner.

Write it, sell it, license it, publish it, grow it into a bigger product - with a consistent and smart marketing plan, only sky isrepparttar 117795 limit to your bottom line.

Milana Nastetskaya is a full time web developer and the author of two books: "Create Your First Busines Web Site in 10 days" and "65 Instant Web Design Answers".

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