Christ and Covenant

Written by Aleck Cartwright

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We as gentiles do by nature that which is required byrepparttar law because we have Christrepparttar 126996 fulfillment ofrepparttar 126997 Law at work within us. What a wonderful position to be in before God. Israel is still God's chosen people and as such they haverepparttar 126998 protection and covenant of God.

Sin is what all men have and righteousness is what all men need.

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Healthy Living - Body, soul and spirit!

Written by Donna-Rae Cartwright

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Principle 3: A HARDENED HEART IS THE SAME AS REBELLION (v8, 9) We need to be good stewards of what God has given us – including our bodies. If we disregard this, we are hardening our hearts towards God, and what He has shown us, and that isrepparttar same as rebellion. If we test God in this, we will suffer. God has created a cause-and-effect world, establishments that He has put into place and He will not override them. If we do not look after our bodies, we will reaprepparttar 126995 effects of that, for example, sickness, burnout and disease.

Principle 4: GOD HAS PROVIDED THE KNOW-HOW TO OBEY HIM (v10) God has given usrepparttar 126996 knowledge – throughrepparttar 126997 Bible and science and, believe it or not, common sense – to know what we should and shouldn’t eat. We also know how regularly to exercise, and we can definitely tell when we need to rest. All we have to do is listen to our bodies. I read this book “Whatrepparttar 126998 Bible Says About Healthy Living” by Rex Russell MD. He studied whatrepparttar 126999 Bible says about food, what science says about food and what he has seen himself, for example when patients are told to follow a specific diet in order to get well again.

His conclusion was simple: - Principle 1: Eat only what God intended us to eat Principle 2: Eat it only inrepparttar 127000 form he intended it to be eaten Principle 3: Fast regularly

Amazingly, scientific research (independent of himself) gave evidence to support why God toldrepparttar 127001 Israelites not to eat certain foods and why they should eat others. (I highly recommend this book. It can be bought on Amazon.) So we have no excuse. God has given usrepparttar 127002 knowledge we need, but it is our responsibility to put it into practice.

Principle 5: REST God didn’t only intend for us to experience spiritual rest. He is a holistic God. He intended for us to experience rest physically, emotionally and spiritually. If we look after our bodies, and getrepparttar 127003 rest we need – however much that might be – we will be able to more fully enterrepparttar 127004 rest that God intended for us. We won’t get as sick as often, we won’t get as tired and we won’t get as stressed –repparttar 127005 result - we will be much more rested and able to cope withrepparttar 127006 stresses of living life.

We have a holistic God who is concerned with our physical and emotional being as well asrepparttar 127007 spiritual. He created all of us – and said, “It was good!” So work with Him on this. He didn’t create our bodies to be a hindrance to us. He created them for our enjoyment as well as for us to know what our limitations are so that we can more fully enjoy and experience a supernatural God.

God knows your body best. Ask Him to show you how much rest you need, what is okay to eat and in what proportions and how much to exercise and even what exercise. He will help you – He helped me.

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