Choosing the right house cleaning service for your home.

Written by Fayola Peters

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There are many house cleaning services out there, to help you find one that's right for you and matches closely with what you have listed in step one and two you can...

3.Make a list of potential house cleaning services to hire by:

-asking for recommendations from friends and/or neighbors who use house cleaning services.

-usingrepparttar classifieds andrepparttar 100134 telephone directory

-usingrepparttar 100135 internet (to find places online where you can find a prescreened maid service or find prescreened cleaning contractors go to

4.Most house cleaning services offer free consultations. Usingrepparttar 100136 list you made for step three (3), contactrepparttar 100137 prospective house cleaning services and set up appointments. During these appointments you can find out what house cleaning services they offer, what they charge, as well as get an idea of there personality and professionalism.

If you followrepparttar 100138 steps listed above, I’m sure that you can make an informed decision and chooserepparttar 100139 right house cleaning service for you.

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High-End Manhattan Renovation Guide

Written by Colleen Barry-Sleicher

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All contracts for home improvement in NYC must includerepparttar address and phone number ofrepparttar 100133 contractor,repparttar 100134 contractor and salesman license numbers, estimated dates whenrepparttar 100135 work will start and be substantially complete, description types of material, a notice that all monies received will be deposited inrepparttar 100136 contractors account and be used for no other propose than to provide payments as stated inrepparttar 100137 contract, a schedule of progress payments showingrepparttar 100138 amount or each payment andrepparttar 100139 application of that payment in some relationship torepparttar 100140 progress of project completion or materials to be purchased, all limitations, representations and warranty, a statement and insurance certificate .


Contractors will give a schedule ofrepparttar 100141 work to be performed. Building guidelines can have a great affect onrepparttar 100142 project timeline. Overrepparttar 100143 course ofrepparttar 100144 job many man-hours are lost just getting in and out of a building. Building Hours are often 9AM-4:00 or 4:30. Building may have restrictions onrepparttar 100145 amount of time any job can last. There may be restrictions onrepparttar 100146 service elevator usage or water shut off times and planning. Buildings are careful concerning site protection. Good contractors take extra steps to protectrepparttar 100147 building andrepparttar 100148 clients living space. Site Protection includes protecting existing floors and dust control with exhaust fans for example. .

Projects are divided into two phases. The first phase includesrepparttar 100149 behindrepparttar 100150 scenes construction includingrepparttar 100151 walls, floors, ceilings and everything that is behind these surfaces. The second phase isrepparttar 100152 “Finish Work”, which isrepparttar 100153 woodworking, cabinetry, final skim coat, marble tile and moldings. A majority of work will be behindrepparttar 100154 scenes. The first phase is oftenrepparttar 100155 most costly and time consuming. As mentioned earlier planning is very important. Many rooms are defined by any changes including wall locations, plumbing and water supply locations, electrical requirements and HVAC installation.

Sample Renovation Project Tasks:

  •   Demolition and debris removal. Many contractors often have their own employees take care of demolition to insure quality.
  •   Inspect for any leaks or damage behind walls, tiled areas, floors, etc.
  •   Repair and prep behindrepparttar 100156 scenes areas with any needed protective installation or sealants.
  •   Plumbing and electrical installation.
  •   Electrical Riser Work.
  •   Cutting through existing wall for design changes.
  •   Framing of new walls, partitions, etc.
  •   Complete walls
  •   Smooth and Level floors, walls and ceilings for cabinetry, vanities, tiling, wood floor installation etc.
  •   Install new floor areas.
  •   Complete ceiling changes.
  •   Complete tiling
  •   Install appropriate fixtures such as tub.
  •   Complete doorway framing and interior window frames
  •   Complete surface electrical work such as ceilings lights, lights with cabinetry, etc.
  •   Install cabinetry, appliances, vanities, counter tops, etc.
  •   Complete surface flooring
  •   Complete fixture installation
  •   Complete crown-molding, millwork, trim work, woodworking and carpentry.
  •   Final plaster skim coat
  •   Floor protection and painting
  •   Complete Painting
  •    Faux Finish, wallpaper, murals if needed
  • Keeprepparttar 100157 following points in mind during a renovation:

  •   The finish items will affectrepparttar 100158 wayrepparttar 100159 rough plumbing and electrical work will proceed
  •   Walls cannot be closed untilrepparttar 100160 inspection is performed.
  •   Projects cannot be rushed such as painting and come out correctly.
  •   Changes, deletions, additions, client approval and any missing specifications or items will cause delays inrepparttar 100161 job completion date.
  •   Contractors do not look forward to changes and additions, they have schedules and other projects they want to move forward on.
  •   Job site meetings usually produce some modifications or changes.
  •   There will usually be some minor changes that will result in added costs.
  •   There is always a ripple affect on any contractor's job schedule when poor planning takes over.

    Colleen Barry-Sleicher, CEO and Founder Manhattan Home Improvement Referral,

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