Choosing the Wedding Disc Jockey

Written by Ispas Marin

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- Ask aboutrepparttar years of experience as a disc jockey; - Ask aboutrepparttar 151021 type of experience, wedding or clubs; - Ask if there are back-up disc jockeys; - Ask ifrepparttar 151022 person you are interviewing isrepparttar 151023 disc jockey that will be at you wedding and if not, ask to meetrepparttar 151024 actual disc jockey; - Disc jockeys range from quiet to "offrepparttar 151025 wall" so make sure you ask about their interaction withrepparttar 151026 public; - Askrepparttar 151027 disc jockey what he'll wear atrepparttar 151028 wedding, "tuxedoes" should berepparttar 151029 answer; - Ask aboutrepparttar 151030 type of music and about how they plan to please everyone; - Ask if they play guests requests and if they keeprepparttar 151031 requests in good taste and inrepparttar 151032 atmosphere ofrepparttar 151033 event;

It is a lot of work but this is very important part of your wedding so make sure you and your fiancee are confident withrepparttar 151034 wedding disc jockey you'll choose. is a Bridal Disc Jockey Directory created to simply provide a fast and easy resource to assist in planning your wedding.

Burning A iTunes CD Without Folders / Flat MP3 CD

Written by Bill Holder

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The solution: create a (smart) playlist in iTunes, fill it up and sort on artist or album. Create a new playlist in iTunes, DO NOT sort on anything. Select all songs fromrepparttar first playlist and drag them torepparttar 150723 second. The second list retainsrepparttar 150724 sort order ofrepparttar 150725 first one, without any activated sort order inrepparttar 150726 playlist itself. Burn MP3 CD. Result: a 'flat' CD.

It seems that as soon as you sort a playlist on anything in iTunes, any MP3 CD burned from that list result in neatly organized MP3 CDs that are unfortunately unreadable by my car MP3 player. Only fresh, unsorted playlists result in all files onrepparttar 150727 first level ofrepparttar 150728 CD.

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