Choosing a website's name and the Horlicks factor.

Written by Englesos on the Web

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The final choice to go for is far more likely to linger inrepparttar memory especially when a well controlled analogue campaign (i.e. not digital – off line publicity) of posters, cards and flyers is used to follow uprepparttar 148649 site’s launch. A word of caution though – rememberrepparttar 148650 Horlicks effect.

Our English readers will wonder what a hot, milky malted drink has to do withrepparttar 148651 internet – those not acquainted with this product will probably be goggling (not Googling) atrepparttar 148652 double meaning in this essentially innocent name. Back inrepparttar 148653 1930’s, people apparently did not think that way. Today they do.

An excellent example of this effect - I have changed names to protectrepparttar 148654 guilty - isrepparttar 148655 website for Plain Homes – logically if unimaginatively entitled “Plain Homes UK” but reading as “Plain Home Suk” probably because we pay attention to how words start and finish, but very little torepparttar 148656 middle characters.

Regardless as torepparttar 148657 quality of their product – is it wise to put this o­nrepparttar 148658 website?

Oh dear….

Englesos is a Web and Graphic Designer working out of the Famagusta area of Cyprus. See more of his work on or else at

Using RSS feeds to increase sales

Written by Joe Duchesne

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RSS feeds bypass nasty spam filters

Every day it seems that email spam is growing. It has gotten so bad thatrepparttar usefulness of email as a communication medium has been greatly compromised. Because of this volume of spam, as much as 85% of your email messages may not get through to your customers. Using RSS feeds, you can achieve 100% delivery effectively bypassing traditional spam filters.

RSS gives your customers exactly what they want

RSS feeds can be created on very specific topics. Like a laser beam, they can be aimed to give information on very specific niches. Narrowingrepparttar 147943 focus of a feed will generally increaserepparttar 147944 usefulness ofrepparttar 147945 feed torepparttar 147946 customer. It also increasesrepparttar 147947 customers interest and trust in whatrepparttar 147948 feed offers to them. All of this will result in more sales.

Want to us RSS feeds to increase your sales? Give your customersrepparttar 147949 information that they want and crave and your bottom line will thank them.

Joe Duchesne is the webmaster for Screamerfeeds specializes in offering news and opinion on RSS Feeds and related technologies. Reprint freely as long as you keep the keyword rich link live.

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