Choosing a Great Rifle Scope

Written by Keith Thompson

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Adjustment capability is also important. A good scope will have little or no movement ofrepparttar reticle, nor should it. You don't want your aim reference point changing from one shot torepparttar 149666 next. Check for Parallax error as well. This is when slight changes in eye position changerepparttar 149667 aim ofrepparttar 149668 scope. You can expect most quality rifle scopes to be parallax error-free to 100 yards. Magnification ofrepparttar 149669 target image is another item to consider. If you're hunting with a very powerful gun over a great distance this may be something you would want. Mostrepparttar 149670 time however you don't want any magnification, as it fiddles with your natural ability to reckon distance drop.

Finally make surerepparttar 149671 scope you buy is watertight; sealed tight as a drum, and totally fogproof. Keeping these things in mind while you're search for a new rifle scope will help you save money, heartache, and missed shots!

Keith Thompson is the webmaster at Best Rifle Scopes, where you can find outstanding choices to help acquire your target!

Balance Your Checkbook and Golf Swing

Written by Sean Cochran

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Balance isrepparttar ability of your body (i.e. nerves, muscles, and skeleton) to swing a golf club effectively and efficiently onrepparttar 149593 correct path without changingrepparttar 149594 position of your body in such a way that it is detrimental torepparttar 149595 swing and its outcome (i.e. contact withrepparttar 149596 ball). Pretty simple definition when you break it down, and from now on when your swing coach says, “You have to stay balanced,” you know what he is talking about.

Developing Balance in Our Golf Swing

Okay, we now knowrepparttar 149597 definition of balance and its relationship torepparttar 149598 golf swing. Now, forrepparttar 149599 second question of this article: “how do we develop balance in relationship to our golf swing?” This next section will answer this question for you. I would also bet thatrepparttar 149600 answer is not as obvious as it appears.

I will first say that developing balance in your swing is a combination of a couple of factors. The first and probably most obvious factor is mechanics. The golf swing is a biomechanical movement that requiresrepparttar 149601 body to takerepparttar 149602 club through a specified swing path in a certain sequence and timing. The body must learnrepparttar 149603 biomechanical movement of a golf swing to become efficient withrepparttar 149604 movement. As your body becomes aware ofrepparttar 149605 movement, more efficient withrepparttar 149606 movement, and has a better “feel” forrepparttar 149607 movement,repparttar 149608 concept of balance in your swing will improve. Sorepparttar 149609 first part of developing balance in your swing is linked torepparttar 149610 mechanics ofrepparttar 149611 swing and becoming more efficient with these mechanics. This all funnels down to two things: 1) proper instruction aboutrepparttar 149612 swing, and 2) practice. Practice, practice, and more practice is necessary to create better balance in your swing.

The second factor has to do with a term that many of you have probably heard before. That term is “muscle memory.” Realize that within your bodyrepparttar 149613 skeleton is controlled by your muscles, muscles are controlled by nerves, andrepparttar 149614 nerves are told what to do by your brain. The messages sent to your muscles through your nerves byrepparttar 149615 brain create movement (i.e. muscles working to makerepparttar 149616 body move). These movements can either be efficient or inefficient. Inefficient movements byrepparttar 149617 muscular system tend to be “sloppy” and “unrefined.” Efficient movements are justrepparttar 149618 opposite. Efficient movements by your muscular system are refined and technical. Improvement in balance is a result ofrepparttar 149619 latter (i.e. efficient muscular movement). Efficient muscular movement is developed through trainingrepparttar 149620 muscles and nerves of your body to become more efficient. This is not done through typical exercises like bench press or leg press, but through stabilization and balance exercises.

As golfers we have our priorities. Let’s get some balance in our golf swing by training our bodies, getting proper instruction, and certainly a lot of practice. Once we’ve got balance there, then we’ll start talking about balancing our checkbook or helping Washington balancerepparttar 149621 federal budget. To learn more about improving your golf swing go to our web site

Sean Cochran is one ofrepparttar 149622 most recognized golf fitness instructors inrepparttar 149623 world today. He travelsrepparttar 149624 PGA Tour regularly with 2004 Masters Champion Phil Mickelson. He has made many of his golf tips, golf instruction and golf swing improvement techniques available to amateur golfers onrepparttar 149625 website Check out his manual and DVD, Your Body & Your Swing, on To contact Sean, you can email him at

Sean Cochran is one of the most recognized golf fitness instructors in the world today. He travels the PGA Tour regularly with 2004 Masters Champion Phil Mickelson. He has made many of his golf tips, golf instruction and golf swing improvement techniques available to amateur golfers on the website

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