Choosing a Business Telephone System

Written by Rebecca Ajibade

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Messages can be retrieved via ANY PC with internet access

Copy of all messages in your email inbox to refer to again

Allows you to respond if necessary while away fromrepparttar office

5. What if we have more than one site?

One set of lines can cover all sites - reducing costs

If sites are close together they can be linked usingrepparttar 133499 latest wireless technology

One VOICEMAIL and one CALL LOGGER can be used forrepparttar 133500 whole network

All sites can be centrally managed.

Calls between sites are FREE

Everyone appears in one phonebook if they are onrepparttar 133501 same telephone system

6. How can I reduce costs?

ISDN allows you to cut out lines for faxes, modems, etc (saving about 170 for each line you can cut)

Cheaper call rates can reduce your bill - however these are always projected savings and care should be taken to justify claims made.

Systems with ISDN allow engineers to access remotely so changes will be much cheaper to carry out. Your telephone system isrepparttar 133502 key to achieving long term business growth Visit for more information

Writer is a telecoms specialist

Modern Developments in Spinning

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1.15-20% reduction in hairiness of yarn,repparttar reduction being more pronounced in long length hairs 2.10-15% improvement in yarn tenacity 3.Twist in yarn can be reduced by 10% while maintaining same yarn strength 4.Better evennes of diameter and hairiness. 5.Better abrasion resistance of yarn leading to less end breaks in weaving. 6.Loom shed droppings and linting in knitting are reduced 7.Size% can be reduced by 30-50% 8.Singeing can be omitted 9.Reduced pilling and better dye uptake in fabric

Qualifications:B.Sc., B.Sc.(Tech),, Ph.D., A.T.I., F.T.I., Experience: Over 45 years experience in R&D and Technical consultancy to Textile mills. Retired as Joint Director of BTRA. Presently providing consultancy to mills. Has a web site Publications; Over 150 in journals and over 100 presentations in Seminars and conferences.

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