Choosing The Right Size Of Clothing For Your Dog

Written by Eva Sanchez

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Every dog clothing manufacture has their own sizing chart, study it carefully for most charts won’t suit all dog’s sorepparttar most important thing to remember isrepparttar 144270 chest, as long asrepparttar 144271 chest size is right then it should be ok. If you’re buying online then you should providerepparttar 144272 online store with his measurements, just to ensure you’ll getrepparttar 144273 right size. Some online stores will makerepparttar 144274 garment to your dogs measurements, this is a great feature for anyone but greater if you own a Dachshund or Crested or any hard to fit dog.

If you’re buying for a puppy from an online store then it’s very important to letrepparttar 144275 store know, what kind of puppy, how old and how much does he weigh. This is important sorepparttar 144276 seller can calculate what your dog’s size will be byrepparttar 144277 time you get your package.

Dressing your dog in different clothes for different occasions is lots of fun… after all, your pet is part of your family too. Just using common sense in choosing what size for him as we, wouldn’t wear anything uncomfortable. Like babies they can’t tell us what’s too tight or loose so it’s our responsibility to chooserepparttar 144278 right size for them.

Author Eva Sanchez founder of, online seller of small dog clothes for boy and girl dogs.

Universal Principles for Successful Dog Training

Written by Moses Chia

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Attention Factor (Endurance Approach) Dogs love attention and are hugely motivated by it. Unlike man, dogs do not know how to differentiate between positive and negative attention. They see things in a simple way. If a certain action gets reaction and attention, you’ll bet they repeat it over and over again. (Cause and Effect) Unfortunately, for most dog owners, we more often than not give our dogs negative attention. For example, "Do you let him out of his crate when he groans?" or "Do you give chase when he runs off with your socks?" These are negative attentions given torepparttar dog and is certainly motivating his bad behavior. Fortunately,repparttar 144075 opposite is true if you pay enough attention to your dog when he behaves himself. Whenrepparttar 144076 dog understands that he’ll get attention only when he’s behaving, he’ll learn that only good behavior attract attention and he’ll repeat his good behavior always. Focus your attention on your dog only when he is behaving; praise him or give him a treat, let him know that he’s gettingrepparttar 144077 attention. If this technique is used correctly, he’ll be a well-behaved dog for a long time to come. Nevertheless, this approach is probably not forrepparttar 144078 short temper and requires you to go through an endurance ordeal. Imagine your dog chewing up your sock in your presence. “Endure Dude!” Training Mood You need to be inrepparttar 144079 correct frame of mind before you train your dog. Never train your dog when you are underrepparttar 144080 influence of alcohol or drug. Also try not to train him if you’ve a bad day or not inrepparttar 144081 best of your mood. If you’ve just argued with your sweetie or got a telling off from your boss earlier on. You would most probably take out your frustration on him and threaten your relationship with him in future. Do remember to apply these dog training principles constantly & you'll be half-way through to successful dog training.

Moses Chia is a dog lover and owner of – The dog training resource site for a happier and healthier dog. You are welcome to reprint this article if you keep the content and live link intact.

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