Choosing The Right Keywords For Your Pay Per Click Advertising Campaign

Written by Stan Hauser

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Many ofrepparttar Pay Per Click Search Engines offer tools to help advertisers identify hard to find keywords related to their sites. Overture's isrepparttar 138145 most advanced in this area, but Google's works well too. The leading third party tool to help advertisers uncover profitable keywords is offered by a company called WordTracker. WordTracker not only helps identify good keywords for your Pay Per Click Advertising program, but it also tells you how many timesrepparttar 138146 words were searched on across allrepparttar 138147 major Search Engines. This is important, becauserepparttar 138148 more nicherepparttar 138149 keyword,repparttar 138150 less traffic it will generate. It doesn't do any good to find a perfectly targeted keyword if it only generates a few clicks a month.

Because each targeted, niche, keyword by definition will only produce a small amount of traffic, it's important to identify as many as possible so their combined traffic will have a meaningful impact on your Pay Per Click Advertising program.


The beauty of Pay Per Click Advertising isrepparttar 138151 more targetedrepparttar 138152 keyword,repparttar 138153 less you'll likely have to pay for each click. This is opposite of how every other form of advertising works. If you use direct mail, magazines, TV, or even other forms of online advertising to market your products,repparttar 138154 prices rise asrepparttar 138155 audience becomes more targeted.

To succeed you must take advantage of this unique dynamic of Pay Per Click Advertising by using every available tool to help you think "out ofrepparttar 138156 box" to create a comprehensive, targeted list of keywords to drive a steady volume of profitable traffic to your web site.

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Profiting From Small Search Engines

Written by Stan Hauser

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Lycos AdBuyer consistently delivers high quality traffic, but you may have difficulty generatingrepparttar volume you need for some of your keywords. Their customer support is top notch, but their software isn't as user friendly as Google or Overture's. We recommend Lycos as a good source of incremental Search traffic at competitive rates.

FindWhat.Com does a better job generating traffic volume (they arerepparttar 138144 third largest Pay Per Click Search Engine), and their overall traffic quality is decent. They do a good job supporting their customers, but their software lacks some key features to help users easily manage their campaigns, and trackrepparttar 138145 ROI for each ad and keyword. We highly recommend testing FindWhat. They arerepparttar 138146 largest ofrepparttar 138147 second tier players, and can be an important contributor torepparttar 138148 success of your Pay Per Click Advertising strategy.

Enhance Interactive and Search123 are two other smaller Search Engines we recommend based on a combination of traffic volume and quality. Both are still building their networks, and continually improving their software. You can still find good bargains for your keywords on these Search Engines as they are still relatively unknown.


In todays vast World Wide Web your potential customers could be searching for your products on hundreds of different sites. In a perfect world you would serve up an ad whenever, and wherever somebody was looking for what you sell. Using a combination of Google, Overture, and as many smaller Search Engines as you can test, you will increaserepparttar 138149 chances that your ad will be there when your prospects are ready to buy.

Smaller Search Engines generally offer cheaper cost per clicks, and better customer support than Google and Overture. As with many aspects of Pay Per Click Advertising,repparttar 138150 only way to tell if these smaller Engines will work for you is to give them a test. A small investment in your time and money may ultimately uncover a great new source of profitable traffic, and improverepparttar 138151 overall metrics of your Pay Per Click Advertising campaigns.

Stan Hauser is a leading expert in Pay Per Click Advertising and creator of

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