Choosing Keywords That Bring the Best Results

Written by Karon Thackston

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Applicable torepparttar Page

Another common area where people wane is in being determined to use keyphrases that simply donít apply torepparttar 108131 page. In one case I was asked by a client to userepparttar 108132 keyphrase ďpayment portalĒ on a page that had nothing to do with that topic. Atrepparttar 108133 time, that was an excellent phrase to target, but it would have been quite a stretch as it had little to do with whatrepparttar 108134 site was about.

Just because a keyphrase gives yourepparttar 108135 opportunity to be highly ranked doesnít mean you should use it if it has nothing to do with your site.

More Traffic or Better Traffic?

I seerepparttar 108136 battle between lots of traffic vs. more targeted traffic just about every day. Clients are generally programmed by Web hype to believe you need as much traffic as you can get regardless of where it comes from.

Most SEO experts Iím associated with (and this SEO copywriter) believe you need traffic that will actually stick around once they reach your site.

Why have tons of people coming to your site if they will just leave after three seconds because they didnít find what they were looking for? Itís better to have fewer people - more targeted prospects - who are more likely to buy.

By targeting your keyphrases so they are as accurate and focused as possible, you will gainrepparttar 108137 attention of customers who are specifically searching for what you have to offer. While your unique visitor or page view count may go down, your bank account balance will likely go up!

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10 Tips on How to write a sales letter.

Written by Julie Kerr

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5. Comparison.

To prove that your product or services is of a great value you need to show them what you are offering is much better them your competitors. Show them that others are charging much more for a less quality product then yours. Explain them that they are getting a better deal by ordering from you. This way you can prove your products or services are of a great value.

6. Bonuses

Make your offer different & valuable by adding some good products as bonuses. Donít give away outdated junk as a bonus it will damagerepparttar credibility of your main product. Your bonuses should be as good as they can sell on their own. Remember sometimes people buyrepparttar 108130 main product just because ofrepparttar 108131 bonuses.

7. Guarantee.

If you have a good product then there is no need to worry about offering a strong guarantee. Make your guarantee look like a personal promise. Try to convince your visitors that they have nothing to loose allrepparttar 108132 burden is on you to deliver what you promised.

8. Demand Immediate Action

Include a deadline to create a sense of urgency inrepparttar 108133 mind of your customer. Nobody wants to make a decision, so let your customer know that they will be missing out on a great deal if they donít act now.

9. What to do next?

Donít make your customer guess what you want them to do next. Tell them clearly that ď Click hereĒ to order or get immediate access. Make this process as simple & understanding as you can.

10. P.S.

P.S. is very important part of your sales letter as most of your site visitors will immediately scroll down torepparttar 108134 end of your page to find out how much it would cost.

A P.S. is a best place to summarize your product or services as visitor checking your price will also have a detailed description of what they will get if they order now.

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