Choosing Keywords: What They Don't Tell You

Written by Mike Arnold

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This is by no means all ofrepparttar keyword phrases that were generated fromrepparttar 127851 Global Web Monitor home page but you can see that even these few would drastically alterrepparttar 127852 way this web page would be indexed. If I were to look at these key words and had nothing else to go on I would think this website was about some “Human eliminating global time monitoring network appliance”, not website monitoring services. As a result, most of this web page needs to be reworded in such a way thatrepparttar 127853 key phrases that are important to this website are placed with different words before and after each key phrase. Alsorepparttar 127854 name ofrepparttar 127855 monitoring service needs to be removed a few times.

When you run into a problem likerepparttar 127856 one on this pagerepparttar 127857 best thing to do is get outrepparttar 127858 thesaurus and alterrepparttar 127859 wording onrepparttar 127860 page untilrepparttar 127861 keywords that you want to represent your page equal around 12%. Userepparttar 127862 keyword density tool found on Google to determinerepparttar 127863 percentages. Oh and make sure that completely unsuitable key phrases like ‘eliminates human’ are not too prominent inrepparttar 127864 keyword list.

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The Back Pain of Search

Written by Gallianno Cosme

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I believe that this "cloned information tendency" that is spreadingrepparttar Net, like a virus on steroids, is due to a lack of creativity and imagination. The effort of tapping into ones own resources and deciphering ones own opinion ofrepparttar 127850 industry seems daunting to many people. I don't blame people for rather clinging on torepparttar 127851 already said like fleas on a dog's coat duringrepparttar 127852 summer months. Fear ofrepparttar 127853 unknown is a risk that very few people wish to take.

I receive a lot of newsletters and RSS feeds from many sources. Ofrepparttar 127854 over 17 hours of reading I do per week, half has been wasted on reading repetitive jumble. Ok, so mayberepparttar 127855 wording and style ofrepparttar 127856 jumble is different, butrepparttar 127857 nuts and crux of what's being said still remainsrepparttar 127858 same. Beingrepparttar 127859 busy person that I am, I don't have time orrepparttar 127860 inclination to read "old news".

So why am I going on like an anal granny in search of some estrogens? I suppose that I'm just a diehard fan of original content. I like to have a smile in my mind when I finish reading something, either because I've just read something really interesting, or because I can relate to whatrepparttar 127861 author is suggesting.

Just because I want to learn and stay informed onrepparttar 127862 industry does not mean that I want to be bored either. Nothing gets my natural endorphins running more than entertaining content. The mixture is undeniably a recipe for readership. Readerships means link popularity, and that my dear friends isrepparttar 127863 only antidote for serious back pain.

Gallianno Cosme a.k.a. Gino is the SEM Captain at Quirk, a One-2-One eMarketing company offering tailor-made, innovative and cost-effective eMarketing solutions. Go to for more information.

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