Choosing Domain Names for Professional Sites: Six Guidelines

Written by Syd Johnson

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Think long term

You want a domain name that will last a very long time. If you pick a name that is a slang term or too cutesy, you could find yourself looking for a new name in a year or two. This is notrepparttar best way to proceed. Once you build a certain level of online success,repparttar 150777 traffic will followrepparttar 150778 domain name. You donít want to mess with your brand and your online reputation with redirects and Ďwe have movedí notices. Online customer will buy, but only if your site makes it convenient for them to do so. If you donít see yourself usingrepparttar 150779 same domain name three to four years from now, get a new name before you set up your website.

Trademark Searches

Do a trademark search. If you build up your online business and domain name, you donít want to find a court order ordering you to give it up because it belongs to another company. Remember,repparttar 150780 traffic and therefore your sales will followrepparttar 150781 domain name torepparttar 150782 new company.

To do a quick trademark search go torepparttar 150783 United States Patent and Trademark Office ( for domestic searches andrepparttar 150784 International Trademark Association ( for international searches. If your name is cleared, then consider getting a trademark to protect your business.

Tag line

Tag lines arerepparttar 150785 work horses ofrepparttar 150786 marketing industry. An interesting, professional tag line can bring you more word of mouth advertising than you can ever buy from a search engine company. It will bring your name into random conversations in newsgroups, newsletters and casual conversations. This can help you save money on paid advertising and createrepparttar 150787 ultimate viral marketing campaign without very little effort.

Keep these six tips handy to brand your domain name and bring in more site traffic.

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Lookup domain names using name generators to save time and find common keyword combinations

Written by Syd Johnson

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7.Best name generation software programs are designed by marketing firms and marketing professionals. Youíre getting a list of names with brand appeal based on working principles that are proven to increase visibility, readability or traffic.

8.Youíre getting a mini market research and keyword generation application. Userepparttar same application to generation names for your website, newsletters and lists of keywords for your marketing campaign.

9.If you have access to registered names, check out what works for your competitors before you put up your website. Use this information to design a better website starting withrepparttar 150776 domain name.

10.See if your preferred is available with hyphens or with another top level domain extension

11.Find out if there are many sites with domain names that are variations of your chosen name. You can make a change immediately to keep your customers from going to one of a hundred possible competitor websites if they mistype your web address.

12.Check link popularity of domains up for grabs. Save money and bring in lots of extra traffic for rock bottom price of an annual registration fee.

A name generation software program is an excellent way to find alternative combinations for your chosen words. Usually, at least one ofrepparttar 150777 words you use in your initial domain name search will be used in creating a suggested name.

Checkrepparttar 150778 website of any major domain name registrar to see if they offer this type of service for free. Grab a dictionary and a thesaurus if you like and turn your software into a super name generator.

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