Choosing A Web Site Content Management System

Written by Michael Park

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The final type of CMS is what I like to refer to as an integrated CMS. This type of Content Management Systems is built directly intorepparttar site during development. In order to make changesrepparttar 132031 web owner simply enters in a secure URL, logins and makes changes torepparttar 132032 site without having to know any HTML or FTP commands. Changes are instant and allrepparttar 132033 user needs is a web browser and access torepparttar 132034 Internet. This has been a very successful model for our company because it allows us to build web sites that empowerrepparttar 132035 web owners. Web owners can make changes to their sites as often as they like withoutrepparttar 132036 need for a high priced web developer. Of courserepparttar 132037 cost of a site with an integrated CMS will be a little higher butrepparttar 132038 overall cost of ownership ofrepparttar 132039 site will be dramatically reduced over time.

Regardless ofrepparttar 132040 model they choose, web site owners must acknowledge that their web site does come with a Content Management System installed. An educated web site owner will ensure that their site has a CMS that allows them to getrepparttar 132041 most out their web site.

Michael Park, MBA MCP Chief Technical Officer 4net Software, Inc. Internet Development Solutions

Take Off Your Blindfold! Discovering your visitors' thinking using your log files

Written by Milana Nastetskaya

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According torepparttar log file,repparttar 132028 visitor went torepparttar 132029 web site and did a search. What was he searching for? If you can't readrepparttar 132030 text beyond, then try this trick:

Open your Internet browser and paste this line photos+seniors&qtype=0&x=1&y=11

inrepparttar 132031 location bar. Press "Enter". Ta-da! Now you should be able to see thatrepparttar 132032 user typed in "photos seniors" into repparttar 132033 search box, because it is inrepparttar 132034 box right now. Right atrepparttar 132035 top ofrepparttar 132036 web site.

My customer's web site is number 9 onrepparttar 132037 first results page. It is a success! Now, it would not be a success if repparttar 132038 user typed in "jeep photos" and my customer's site would come up number 9. Becauserepparttar 132039 user is not looking for a photographer, which is what my customer is.

That is why you always want to know what is in your log files. If you go beyond 20 visitors a day, you should probably get a software that analyzes your log files and comes up with a report. But to get a feel for how your visitors get to your site -repparttar 132040 above technique is recommended. If this site was found by someone looking for photos of a jeep, I would think "there is something seriously wrong withrepparttar 132041 site" and immediately improverepparttar 132042 keywords, title and META tags.

Milana Nastetskaya is a full time web developer and the author of two books: "Create Your First Business Web Site in 10 days", and "65 Instant Web Design Answers".

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