Choosing A Web Designer: A Plan To Guide You Through The Minefield

Written by Robin Porter

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Draw up a shortlist

Draw up a shortlist of 3 or 4 designers to speak to. You can do this by visiting their websites, getting a feel forrepparttar type and size of business they are and looking at their online portfolio. Then call them – ask them questions aboutrepparttar 143735 type of clients they work for, timeframes and any other technical questions you have. Get a feel for how they communicate – whether they are onrepparttar 143736 same wavelength as you.

If you opted to go overseas,repparttar 143737 websites already mentioned have ratings systems which can help you decide, and you can also send and receive private messages to ask questions.

Get Quotes

Once you have your shortlist, you can get quotes. For a straightforward website this can be a simple fixed price – for a more complicated project that is likely to evolve, you may just want to get a budget price at this stage, and then pin down details and a fixed price with your preferred bidder later. Always specify your expected timeframe for completion when obtaining quotes as this can affect prices.

Get References

Once you have your preferred bidder, get references. Any established web designer will be able to provide details of satisfied clients. Email them and ask if they were happy withrepparttar 143738 service received, ifrepparttar 143739 job was completed on time, how unforeseen problems were dealt with etc.

Remember to trust your instincts: If you are not entirely happy withrepparttar 143740 references you obtain, walk away and select another designer.

Appoint your web designer

You now have a fixed price, references, and confirmed timescale for your project. Now appoint your designer!

Most have standard agreements –read them carefully, and if in doubt get your legal adviser to look them over. Make sure timescales and project milestones are specified, as well as payment terms. Find out how alterations to your project are dealt with – in terms of cost and delays – and how disputes if they arise would be settled.

Finally, when you are completely happy, sign onrepparttar 143741 dotted line and look forward to a productive working relationship with your web designer!

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Robin Porter has been CEO of of London based web designer Arpey Internet ( for over six years.

High Speed Wireless Internet for Las Vegas Locals

Written by Kimberly Freeman

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LasVegas.Net has nowrepparttar new technology for you that make an easy way to get internet. Communicating with your customers and suppliers overrepparttar 143588 internet is becoming more important than ever. With today's fast paced business world, you can't afford not to have wireless internet services. offers wireless internet access that’s more than 10 times faster than that of a 28.8 Kbps modem connection. Using Las Vegas wireless internet access, you will always be online 24/7, meaning you’re always connected torepparttar 143589 internet, with never a busy signal. Las Vegas wireless internet isrepparttar 143590 way ofrepparttar 143591 future, but it is still relatively new torepparttar 143592 area. Most ofrepparttar 143593 internet community has heard of DSL, ISDN, and Cable, but few have heard of a wireless internet connections. The wireless internet equipment consists of access units (which transmitrepparttar 143594 signal), and suscriber units (which recieverepparttar 143595 signal, can be an antenna or something similar to a dish). This wireless internet equipment can allow someone to surfrepparttar 143596 internet at speeds faster than DSL and Cable.

Contact Information: Wireless Services: Las Vegas Services: http://www.LasVegas.Net


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