Choosing A Domain Registrar

Written by Dan Grossman

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For example, offers site building tools, a domain redirection services and email services for free withrepparttar registration of a domain. If these services are useful to you, they may make up forrepparttar 108336 $35 registration fee.

If you don't need any services, then may not berepparttar 108337 registrar of choice for you, as there are many other good registrars that charge much less than $35 for a single domain.


Another important factor to consider when choosing a registrar is their method of domain management. In other words, once you have registeredrepparttar 108338 domain, how do you managerepparttar 108339 information associated with it? You may want to change contact information or nameservers inrepparttar 108340 future.

Most registrars offer a control panel type interface for managing your domains. This allows you to simply log in onrepparttar 108341 web and changerepparttar 108342 information you want changed.

Others, however, have much more complicated systems. Network Solutions was known for its inefficient and complicated system of making simple changes. If, for example, you switched to a new e-mail address, you might have had to fax in multiple forms of identification in order to change simple information related to your domain.


When you need to know how to do something or you're having a problem with your domain, customer support is important. Smaller sites reselling domain registration may not be able to providerepparttar 108343 same level of support one ofrepparttar 108344 main registrars could. Check outrepparttar 108345 site's help section for its depth and check how easy it is to find an email address or form to fill out for help.

Consider these factors when choosing where to register your domain name to come up withrepparttar 108346 registrar offeringrepparttar 108347 perfect combination of price, service, management and support for you.

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Written by Don Meeker

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"" and "" are other examples from our domain auction of domain names beginning with numbers.

Page Title - Getting priority withrepparttar title of your web page is easy. Use a symbol or a number or both atrepparttar 108335 beginning of your page title. For example:

#1 Source for ... (whatever products your site offers) 1,001 Ways to ... (whatever services your site offers)

Key Search Words

The words followingrepparttar 108336 number in your domain name and page title must berepparttar 108337 key words related to your site subject usedrepparttar 108338 most in actual online searches. They should also attract visitors to come to your site by telling what is available on your site.

There are many great generic names available with high scoring key words by placing numbers atrepparttar 108339 beginning ofrepparttar 108340 names. "Airline", "automobiles", "html", "people searches", and "pictures" are all highly used search words.

You may want your company name to be your primary domain name because people already know your name and can click to your site. But, you can have any number of other domain names with high alphabetical priority and high scoring generic search words pointing to your site. To point additional domain names to your site can cost as little as $1 to $5 a month depending on your web host.

The cost of a second domain name and low monthly pointing cost are certainly worth getting thousands of visitors. You can getrepparttar 108341 qualified visitors who may not know your company name, but who use generic search words to find products or services like yours.

So, for guaranteed top placement in directories, like Yahoo with over one fourth of all searches online:

Use a domain name beginning with a number Use a domain name with high scoring search words Begin your page titles with a symbol and/or number

Use these strategies and your site will be on top ofrepparttar 108342 directories, including Yahoo. You can get all ofrepparttar 108343 qualified visitors you want withrepparttar 108344 right domain name and page titles.

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