Choose the right incense burner

Written by Jakob Jelling

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Another very important factor to consider regarding incense burners are their shapes. You may be able to find incense burners with different forms and imitating different objects. Therefore, you can add symbolism with your incense burner depending onrepparttar shape it has and what it represents.

An example of incense burner you may be able to find is a lotus flower shaped one, which would symbolize purity and wisdom as well as it would help you attracting good fortune to your house or any other place where it is used. Lien Hua orrepparttar 116083 lotus flower is, according to Chinese traditions, a symbol of knowledge, wisdom and purity, and therefore any object representing it would symbolize those attributes as well.

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Tribal Masks

Written by Ian Bracegirdle

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Forgive me. I could continue to wax lyrical aboutrepparttar links in our current traditions seen as folk lore to those of our ancient ancestors. To me there is a tremnedous link which is bound up withrepparttar 116082 very nature ofrepparttar 116083 people we are and how we have developed. Our formative roots live in our societies now. That is why I find masks so powerfully evocative. Along with other forms of primitive and traditional art we can trace our own links to earlier times. Even todayrepparttar 116084 shaman / magician exists following ancient magik rules.

Even modern latex masks contain some ofrepparttar 116085 same magic, because they are linked back torepparttar 116086 same collective unconcious and traditions of masquerade, disguise andrepparttar 116087 spirit world. As a school teacher I have come across some quite vociferous reactions by parents to having Halloween in school. Some see its pagan links and reject it. The seam runs deep intorepparttar 116088 modern psyche.

Perhapsrepparttar 116089 most potent place to view this link is inrepparttar 116090 Mexican Day ofrepparttar 116091 Dead Celebrations. This festival combines a mix of Christian and Pagan practices. In particular Halloween has a juxtaposition betweenrepparttar 116092 dead and children. Here children are masked to scare awayrepparttar 116093 evil spirits and look afterrepparttar 116094 dead. By this means a link withrepparttar 116095 ancestors and children is perpetuated.

Another fascinating link betweenrepparttar 116096 masks of many cultures isrepparttar 116097 fool. The fool has many characteristics,repparttar 116098 most noticeable of which is paradox. The fool can be wise and foolish; handsome and ugly; playful and barbaric. He straddlesrepparttar 116099 line betweenrepparttar 116100 extremes ofrepparttar 116101 other masks switching from one role torepparttar 116102 other. Perhapsrepparttar 116103 fool simply representsrepparttar 116104 many dualities and paradoxes in life.

Alsorepparttar 116105 fool plays a full part inrepparttar 116106 staging ofrepparttar 116107 ritual. Noohlmahl inrepparttar 116108 Kwakwaka'wakw rituals is a grotesque creature covered in hair with snot pouring from his nose. He struts about entertainingrepparttar 116109 crowd, making jokes and anticipating reponses. Shouldrepparttar 116110 reponses become too familiar a violent response could be expected. Of courserepparttar 116111 responses torepparttar 116112 watchers comments could be of another more humourous roposte.

Surprise and paradox are essential torepparttar 116113 nature of all fools. Another of his jobs is to controlrepparttar 116114 children. He treadsrepparttar 116115 line between clowning for them and ensuring that they do not disrupt proceedings. As withrepparttar 116116 inappropriate comments from adults a violent response can be provoked shouldrepparttar 116117 children, literally, over steprepparttar 116118 line.

To return to my original point masks are a way intorepparttar 116119 very nature of our being. The mythology ofrepparttar 116120 Palaeolithic times is linked directly to tribal mask and western folk lore masks. For me this is whyrepparttar 116121 mask holds such power and magic. The mask allows us to physically touch and share our past in a way which few objects can do. Tribal Masks carry a universal signature that appeals to our nature.

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Teacher, Course Leader, Mask maker. Ian has studied and taught masks making and information for several years. He sees masks as a link back to our cultural origins.

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