Choose & Use the Best Colors

Written by Andrew Eaton

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Blue Suggests security, trust, reliability, coolness, faithfulness, belonging, and dignity. Blue isrepparttar most popular color. It isrepparttar 146475 second most popular color. In business it suggests fiscal responsibility and sanctuary.

Green - Suggests abundance, health, fertility, freedom, healing, nature, growth, jealously, and cool. In business it suggests status and wealth. It isrepparttar 146476 easiest color onrepparttar 146477 eye.

Brown Suggests effectiveness, politeness, richness, and helpfulness. Brown isrepparttar 146478 color of earth, and is abundant in nature.

Gray Suggests earnestness, authority, and practicality. In business it suggests traditional and conservative.

Pink Suggests softness, sweet, femininity, well-being, innocence, and nurture.

Purple Suggests dignity, spirituality, royal, luxury, wealth, authority, mournfulness, and sophistication. In business it is upscale. Purple is favored byrepparttar 146479 artistic.

Orange Suggests playfulness, pleasure, cool, warmth, cheer, vibrant, strength, endurance, and ambition.

Yellow Suggests sunshine, warmth, cheer, happiness, cowardice, and jealousy. In business it is appealing to intellectual types and is good for accents. Yellow enhances concentration, increases metabolism, and isrepparttar 146480 most difficult color forrepparttar 146481 eye to take in.

Gold Suggests expensive, and prestige.

Silver Suggests cold, scientific, and prestige.

Whenever you begin to choose your colors, think about your target market. What emotions do you want to evoke? Give some thought torepparttar 146482 current emotion of your prospect and torepparttar 146483 message you want to send. Then choose your colors.

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Cell Phone Marketing: Podcasting, Ringtones, Wallpaper, and Games are Hot in 2005!

Written by Jack Humphrey

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The market for cell phone software, ringtones, podcasted audio and video, and myriad other files, photos and games is wide open and ready for smart marketers to pounce on for major profits in a relatively brand new industry.

To date, you can only buy and download one sales and marketing related ebook at, out of about ten selections for your Blackberry PDA Cell Phone. The other selections? The Bible and a bartender software.

The market is truly in its infancy. Moving now on this market will be a cash cow for smart marketers looking for fertile ground for increased profits. If you are not actively seeking out spots inrepparttar podcasting and PDA software market, you are losing money as we speak.

When I bought my Blackberry,repparttar 146474 first thing I did was go torepparttar 146475 add-ons and third party applications to get cool stuff to put on it. The selection was miserable. After downloading an ebook on marketing, there was nothing left for me to purchase.

Many people will feelrepparttar 146476 same way until they are given real choices inrepparttar 146477 software and information they can purchase as add-ons to their new toys.

To discover a glaring void inrepparttar 146478 marketrepparttar 146479 size of this one is unheard of in this day and age. Forrepparttar 146480 marketers who seize its potential and start actively supportingrepparttar 146481 market with choices,repparttar 146482 sky isrepparttar 146483 limit for increasing reach and profits.

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