Choose Ones that Cry

Written by Ruth Marlene Friesen

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People with a tender conscience are able to hearrepparttar voice of God, and arerepparttar 131424 most likely to experience His angels carrying and protecting them. You're safer in their presence than on your own.

Those with a clear conscience before God will be happier and content with little things, and not so likely to be demanding of you. It also means you'll seldom find them bitter and thus withering in their bones, and drying you up with them.

Be unashamed when your friends's a good sign they are not afraid to be vulnerable, for onlyrepparttar 131425 vulnerable allows themselvesrepparttar 131426 luxury of loving and being loved. They also know intuitively that if you want to handle roses you'll have to accept some thorn scratches.

Smile, don't fightrepparttar 131427 tear trembling in your own eye, and join inrepparttar 131428 anguish or joys ofrepparttar 131429 moment.

If you're shopping around for new friends because one has wounded or disappointed you, go amongrepparttar 131430 kind, gentle people, and watch for one who weeps or laughs easily, is open and vulnerable, and with a clear, tender conscience. Now show that onerepparttar 131431 same kind of loyal care, openness, and identify with this one's pain or joy.

Blessings on your new friendship!

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10 Steps to Better Resolutions for 2002

Written by Trevor Barre

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9. Visualizerepparttar benefits of your goal.

Be specific and clear to yourself about whyrepparttar 131421 outcome is important and worth attaining. Imagine how good it will feel. Relishrepparttar 131422 details.

10. Get support.

Change is easier and more fun when you have a coach to help.


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Coach Deborah Keahey is an award winning published author, online educator, and owner of Lifescape Coaching. She specializes in coaching women in a wide variety of situations. Deborah can be reached online at or

Live onrepparttar 131424 edge, and have a safe and Merry Christmas,

Trevor Barre

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