Choices in Appointing International Managers

Written by Brenda Townsend Hall

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Globalization has opened up exciting prospects for companies butrepparttar Cranfield study suggests that, whilerepparttar 149695 economic opportunities are well understood,repparttar 149696 best means of staffing overseas operations are not. Companies need a much more holistic view ofrepparttar 149697 costs of an international assignment:repparttar 149698 costs of relocating somebody (financial, emotional, physical) andrepparttar 149699 local costs of bad placements, cultural misunderstandings and inefficiency, all of which can be reflected in poor year-end results.

How can companies achieve this overview? Will they want to? To answerrepparttar 149700 second question first, it seems obvious that those companies that takerepparttar 149701 issue seriously arerepparttar 149702 ones likely to haverepparttar 149703 greater success inrepparttar 149704 global economy. As torepparttar 149705 ‘how’, it will need a strategic approach that matchesrepparttar 149706 company’s goals. However, a strategy can only be implemented after a proper study of allrepparttar 149707 factors involved:

•How long will it take a manager to become proficient inrepparttar 149708 overseas branch? •What preparation doesrepparttar 149709 manager need before taking uprepparttar 149710 posting?

•What support doesrepparttar 149711 manager need in post?

•What arerepparttar 149712 impacts on family life and how can they be mitigated?

•What arerepparttar 149713 behavioural adjustments needed byrepparttar 149714 manager andrepparttar 149715 family in order to function inrepparttar 149716 new environment?

•What willrepparttar 149717 process of repatriation entail?

•How canrepparttar 149718 knowledge gained form each posting be garnered and used forrepparttar 149719 next assignments?

•How canrepparttar 149720 local branches be supported while they adjust to a new manager?

Undoubtedly there are many more questions that need to be raised. But one thing is clear: globalization is here forrepparttar 149721 long term, and if companies are to succeed they need to takerepparttar 149722 issue of overseas appointments very seriously indeed.

Brenda Townsend Hall is a business communications and cross-cultural trainer. She is an associate member of the Itap International Alliance (

Ten Ways To Effectively Increase Your Site’s Prominence On The Web

Written by Bob Bastian

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5. Consider setting up multiple sites. It has recently been discovered thatrepparttar number of sites linked to yours influence your search engine ranking. By setting up multiple sites under different domains, and linking them together to form a congruent whole, you will be able to climb uprepparttar 149694 search engine ladder.

6. Link exchanges. You may also exchange links and/or banners with webmasters who operate a site that is related to yours. This would increaserepparttar 149695 possibility of cross-jumping visitors who would get exposed to your site andrepparttar 149696 products or services you offer.

7. Promote in online communities. Join forums, mailing lists, discussion boards and similar gatherings of people online. Most of them would start threads asking for help. Aid them with your field of expertise. Establish connections, and then invite them over to your site. Often, some of these mediums allow you to have a signature where you could put a link to your page, and this would most certainly bring in some visitors as well.

8. Create your own means of inviting past guests to visit your site again. You could build your own mailing list to keep in touch with them and offer some promos from time to time. Or you could incorporate a forum in your website to provide for a venue for your visitors to come together and discuss certain topics. This would simulaterepparttar 149697 semblance of a community they could call their own, and they would keep visiting your site to join inrepparttar 149698 discussions.

9. Constantly change your content. Not only will this method winrepparttar 149699 favor of search engines, this would also increaserepparttar 149700 possibility of attracting visitors you once lost.

10. Use Adword. Adword is a pay-per-click service that requires you to pay Googles in exchange for a prominent display of your website’s link whenever a search is made that is related to your keywords.

Atrepparttar 149701 early stages of your site’s existence, traffic may come slow. But do not be discouraged into resignation. Withrepparttar 149702 techniques shared in this article, you would increaserepparttar 149703 flow of visitors in due time, resulting in a high level of activity for your online venture. And with a prosperous site naturally comes a prosperous business.

Bob Bastian is a full-time Internet Marketing Consultant, prominent opt-in list builder and info product creator. Recentlt Bob launch a service that provide HIGH QUALITY business contents with private label rights. The price? It's FREE! Simply visit his website at:

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