Chocolate Is Good For You!

Written by Janette Blackwell

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Do you have any idea of what you just read? A highly qualified nutrition professional is RECOMMENDING that you eat chocolate! Maybe not large quantities of chocolate, but chocolate. If you have suffered much inrepparttar area of chocolate, you may want to enlarge that statement and post it on your bathroom mirror, where it can cheer you on rainy mornings.

Now comesrepparttar 148907 chocolate frosting onrepparttar 148908 cake. Deanna K. reports: “The Diabetic Educator told me about CARBOLITE, a 1.1 oz. low carb chocolate bar made with Splenda, containing 0 sugar carbs, 15-18g carbohydrates, depending on flavor. On Google type in ‘Carbolite’for more information.” Deanna continues, “The other chocolate bar that I think is acceptable is Amber Lyn Chocolates (fine imported Belgian chocolate), sugar free and carb conscious. A little higher in calories than Carbolite,repparttar 148909 1.2 oz bar has 15-16g carbs. For nutrition information visit” The dark chocolate bars have 157 calories.

Flavanols are not listed, but these dark chocolates are a good bet for that HEALTHFUL piece of chocolate it is your DUTY to eat regularly. And soon, no doubt, manufacturers will begin to formulate their candies to be high in flavanols -- and say so.

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Ultrasound and Physical Therapy: An Introduction

Written by Jim Doree

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A typical ultrasound treatment will take from 3-5 minutes. In cases where scar tissue breakdown isrepparttar goal, this treatment time can be much longer. Duringrepparttar 148873 treatmentrepparttar 148874 head ofrepparttar 148875 ultrasound probe is kept in constant motion. If kept in constant motion,repparttar 148876 patient should feel no discomfort at all. Ifrepparttar 148877 probe is held in one place for more than just a few seconds, a build up ofrepparttar 148878 sound energy can result which can become uncomfortable. Interestingly, if there is even a very minor break in a bone inrepparttar 148879 area that is close torepparttar 148880 surface, a sharp pain may be felt. This occurs asrepparttar 148881 sound waves get trapped betweenrepparttar 148882 two parts ofrepparttar 148883 break and build up until becoming painful. In this way ultrasound can often be used as a fairly accurate tool for diagnosing minor fractures that may not be obvious on x-ray.

Some conditions treated with ultrasound include tendonitis (or tendinitis if you prefer), non-acute joint swelling, muscle spasm, and even Peyronie's Disease (to break downrepparttar 148884 scar tissue). Contraindications of ultrasound include local malignancy, metal implants belowrepparttar 148885 area being treated, local acute infection, vascular abnormalities, and directly onrepparttar 148886 abdomen of pregnant women. It is also contraindicated to apply ultrasound directly over active epiphyseal regions (growth plates) in children, overrepparttar 148887 spinal cord inrepparttar 148888 area of a laminectomy, or overrepparttar 148889 eyes, skull, or testes.

Jim received his physical therapy degree in 1997 from the University of Alberta in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. Please see more information and articles on his web site at 'The Physical Therapy Web Space' ( View this and other articles related to Physical Therapy at The Physical Therapy Web Space.

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