Chinese on terrorism: A question of "proper candor"

Written by Stephen Sullivan

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If it were not forrepparttar fact thatrepparttar 132461 PRC’s propaganda is meant to mask serious human rights violations including mass detentions and executions it would be almost comical similar inrepparttar 132462 vein torepparttar 132463 “Keystone Cops”. The PRC has contradicted itself over their facts more times than can be touched on here. These contradictions are not minor, nor are they so deeply hidden that it would require minute investigate analysis to reveal. These are contradictions of purported facts that an average person, with half a day to spare, a computer, access torepparttar 132464 Internet and eitherrepparttar 132465 CNN’s, BBC’s or People’s Daily archives would easily be able to uncover. Some examples are:

In 1999 it was reported thatrepparttar 132466 head ofrepparttar 132467 XUAR, Abdul’ahat Abdurxit, had stated that terrorist incidents had died down and had consisted of several bombing and one or two politically motivated assassinations inrepparttar 132468 previous ten years. Then we have post “9/11” statements fromrepparttar 132469 PRC claiming over 200 hundred terrorist incidents since 1987 perpetrated by 15 Uygur terrorist organisations and resulting in 163 deaths and 440 injuries.

As recently as December 2003 we had an extraordinary series of events. Onrepparttar 132470 15th Decemberrepparttar 132471 PRC, through it’s news organrepparttar 132472 People’s Daily, released an item naming forrepparttar 132473 “first time publicly” Uygur terrorists organisations and their leaders and openly called uponrepparttar 132474 rest ofrepparttar 132475 world to assist in their capture. One of those named wasrepparttar 132476 alleged leader ofrepparttar 132477 East Turkestan Islamic Movement, (ETIM)repparttar 132478 only internationally proscribed Uygur terrorist group and considered byrepparttar 132479 Chinese, supposedly as one would think, public enemy number one.

Onrepparttar 132480 23rd ofrepparttar 132481 same monthrepparttar 132482 PRC had to provide a statement saying that this Uygur “Bin Laden” had actually been killed in a raid byrepparttar 132483 Pakistanis on a rag tag bunch of Al Qaeda suspects two months prior. To add insult to injuryrepparttar 132484 Pakistanis claimed thatrepparttar 132485 PRC had aided in his bodies’ identification atrepparttar 132486 time. Is thisrepparttar 132487 tenor of a nation so in fear of it’s supposed terrorist threat?

The disturbing thing in all this, however, is that despite these and many more glaring anomalies; despiterepparttar 132488 various Uygur diaspora organisations tearing apart every Chinese Communique for accuracy; despiterepparttar 132489 remonstrations of several Human rights organisations such as Amnesty International ; despiterepparttar 132490 warnings ofrepparttar 132491 UN Human Rights Commission and, despiterepparttar 132492 analysis of academic experts, thatrepparttar 132493 world’s leaders continue to appear so “blind” torepparttar 132494 propaganda.

Whenrepparttar 132495 US State department supported China inrepparttar 132496 listing of ETIM as a proscribed organisation byrepparttar 132497 United Nations it released a statement which said, in part, that it had done so based onrepparttar 132498 facts provided byrepparttar 132499 PRC and some nebulous news articles printed by Hong Kong and a Russian Newsagencies. Not only was this fairly weak “evidence” but it came less than a year after a US special envoy on counter terrorism stating thatrepparttar 132500 US did not consider Uygur independence organisations terrorists.

One simple “wink wink, nudge nudge, you scratch my back and I’ll scratch yours’ for whatever reasons, inrepparttar 132501 name of whatever “greater good”, had validated and provided endorsement torepparttar 132502 PRC’s policy of enforced Sinofication and effectively allowedrepparttar 132503 PRC greater scope and freedom to completerepparttar 132504 task at hand. Without over dramatisation had we not seen this all before in diplomatic relations with pre War Nazi Germany?

Much harm has been caused, human rights have and continue to be to be severely violated, executions have not stopped all with nary a word of reproach fromrepparttar 132505 “Free World”. The time has come, some two and a half years afterrepparttar 132506 “War on Terrorism” was declared, forrepparttar 132507 world to step back and re-identify it’s real enemies and then to strike them hard and relentlessly. The war on genuine terror must be pursued vigorously and ultimately be successful. But, it is also now time to identify those regimes that are usingrepparttar 132508 “War” to maskrepparttar 132509 furtherance of their ethnic, religious and political agendas and strike them , metaphorically speaking, equally as hard.

It has to be remembered that a terrorist is not onlyrepparttar 132510 person on a crowded bus with a bomb. Terrorist states have far greater power and projection than any supposed terrorist generalissimo whose end is dying inrepparttar 132511 mud of some Pakistani backwater town.

Stephen Sullivan is an Australian and amateur "Uygurologist" who has written several articles on the Uygur people of China. He also publishes several web sites on the Turkic peoples of Central Asia under the masthead "uygurWORLD"

The Lawsuit Matrix

Written by Lady Camelot

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We must not forget to include certain food manufacturers that produce potato chips, candies, chocolates, and other "junk foods," categorized as "high fat" content products. Apparently, these items, too have and are wreaking havoc on human bodies everywhere. Plaque from fatty acids is continually building up in our heart arteries and capillaries as we munch away on these delectable treats. Eventually, we end up with Heart disease, and myocardial infarctions --repparttar cause -- your friendly "junk food" industry. Perhaps these unsuspecting businesses must too bare responsibility forrepparttar 132459 products that we (as individuals) CHOOSE to consume or ingest.

Another probability inrepparttar 132460 lawsuit assembly lines, isrepparttar 132461 produce industry. Chemical solutions that are used to repel fungi, disease and other parasites are traditionally utilized on many of our fruits, vegetables and beans. So, you forgot to wash that apple and decided to eat it anyway -- now you've been placed in a complex situation. You may just have ingested chemical compounds that will eventually cause and lead to some form of cancer -- and ultimately -- your own demise. Do we now bring a case againstrepparttar 132462 apple grower orrepparttar 132463 chemical producer? Hmmm... tough decision. Why not sue both?

Less we not forgetrepparttar 132464 notorious cocaine manufacturers and distributors. Countless persons die of cocaine, crack and other substance abuse on a daily basis. But ah -- we don't haverepparttar 132465 information to sue them. We can only preventrepparttar 132466 use of it. In essence -- prevention is key.

The fact is, we live in a society where numerous unhealthy products are created, manufactured, distributed and sold to consumers. The point being that we CANNOT hold every company responsible for OUR OWN ACTIONS. The nice thing about America, is that we have a distinct CHOICE whether or not to use certain products. When our overuse, misuse or general use of a product comes with repercussions, we must choose to accept our own fate and learn from it.

Regretfully, not all persons learn from their addictions, or effects of product usage. To those who are left behind, or torepparttar 132467 survivors, I leave you with one piece of advice: Live. Learn. Prevent. Suing industries for our own choices, is a travesty to America and will ultimately lead to irrevocable circumstances. A good film to watch that will enlighten one's perspective on "too many laws," is "Demolition Man," starring Sylvester Stallone.

I welcome your comments.

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