Chinese Plants

Written by Wong Yee Lee

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Lilac in China represents modesty, which is one ofrepparttar virtues that Chinese people value Other thanrepparttar 113381 above, there are some flowers which have medicinal values. Plum flowers can cure heat, cough and diarrhea; chrysanthemum can cure cold; orchid can cure lung disease and coughs; lotus flowers can cure sunstroke, insomnia and blood vomiting; azalea can regulate female menstruation; narcissus and Chinese rose can remove bruises; laurel can remove bruises and dissolve phlegm.

What about giving presents? When birthdays or opening a business, red Chinese rose or pomegranate flowers would be good because this represents prosperous future.

For old people, plum flowers or tuberose would be appropriate.

For patients, orchid, you can buy China pink bamboo.

For moving houses, you can buy asparagus fern.

For wedding, you can buy lily because in China it represents hundred years of love. Lily is also good for friends which means unity.

However there are also plants which carry derogative meanings.

Poplar flowers can be easily blown broken. It represents a woman who is not faithful.

Broad-leave epiphyllum flowers are pretty but they open just for one night. It can be easily understood that they represent shortness.

Duckweed floats onrepparttar 113382 surface of water. It has no roots and floats anywhere. Sincerepparttar 113383 Chinese nation values family and its unity, things which do not have roots would be pitiful.

Thistles and thorns bring people pain. They represent difficulties.

Do you know more about what to bring to your Chinese friend next time? Maybe now you can be more confident when asking your Chinese lover out for a date.;-)

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Preparing Successful Seedlings

Written by Judy Williams

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It's a good idea to treat seeds with a good, all purpose fungicide (something like a Rose Dust or Tomato Dust will be fine) before planting. Place a small amount, justrepparttar tip of a knife end, intorepparttar 113380 packet, reclose and shake untilrepparttar 113381 seeds are covered. This will protect them from 'damping off', a common problem with very young plants.

Care of Seedlings

Seeds must be kept moist but not wet untilrepparttar 113382 seedlings emerge. This may take between 1-3 weeks, depending onrepparttar 113383 plant type.

As they grow stonger, thorough but less frequent watering is required. They will need shade when young but should be increasingly exposed torepparttar 113384 sun so they become used to conditions inrepparttar 113385 garden. Water inrepparttar 113386 morning rather than at night.


Mark where you plan to put each of your plants. Use a trowel to make a hole large enough to takerepparttar 113387 root system. Gently prise outrepparttar 113388 seedling from its container taking as much ofrepparttar 113389 soil as you can with it intorepparttar 113390 garden bed. Firmrepparttar 113391 soil aroundrepparttar 113392 plant in its new position, coverrepparttar 113393 area with mulch and water in gently.

It is best to transplant inrepparttar 113394 late afternoon or evening to giverepparttar 113395 plants time to settle in less stressful conditions.

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