Chinese Marriage

Written by Wong Yee Lee

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What comes next is to choose a good day to holdrepparttar wedding. It is very important inrepparttar 122043 Chinese culture. A wedding, being such an important day in a person's life, has to be held on a day which symbolizes goodness. People will chooserepparttar 122044 best day based onrepparttar 122045 Chinese Lunar calendar, or on any festival days.

The wedding ceremony A formal Chinese wedding requiresrepparttar 122046 bridegroom to pick uprepparttar 122047 bride atrepparttar 122048 bride's home after respectfully greetedrepparttar 122049 parents-in-law to be. The couple-to-be will then go torepparttar 122050 bridegroom's home, whererepparttar 122051 bride will greet her parents-in-law to be, or torepparttar 122052 banquet location. If they choose to go torepparttar 122053 bridegroom's home,repparttar 122054 young couple will have to greetrepparttar 122055 parents-in-law to be with a cup of tea each andrepparttar 122056 parents will returnrepparttar 122057 daughter-in-law to be with a red packet of money inside. Similar torepparttar 122058 western culture,repparttar 122059 bride and bridegroom will be accompanied by bridesmaids and best men and they are usually still non-married.

One very important procedure isrepparttar 122060 banquet. All relatives and friends will be invited and they will wishrepparttar 122061 new couple with allrepparttar 122062 best. Atrepparttar 122063 banquet,repparttar 122064 newly wed has to drink half glass of wine for a pair of glasses linked by a ribbon. After thatrepparttar 122065 newly wed has to cross-hand and drinkrepparttar 122066 other half ofrepparttar 122067 wine. It is believed that after this ceremonyrepparttar 122068 newly wed will love each other more dearly.

In some parts of China,repparttar 122069 fish served inrepparttar 122070 banquet should not be eaten totally. The head, tail andrepparttar 122071 whole skeleton ofrepparttar 122072 fish should be left untouched so as to symbolize a good start and end of a marriage.

Afterrepparttar 122073 banquet, friends ofrepparttar 122074 new couple will usually continuerepparttar 122075 night by deliberately disturbingrepparttar 122076 new couple with a few games. Games will include different quests for some difficult performances or questions. Unfortunately torepparttar 122077 newly wed that these games usually last till very late inrepparttar 122078 night!

However inrepparttar 122079 modern days, many young people try to skip most of these rituals or ceremonies. They do that either because they think that new generations should not be confined by these old traditions, or some do so just because of economical reasons of trying not to spend as much money as possible.

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ROMANCE 101—How to turn Your Relationship into a Great Romance!

Written by Gina Woods

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Okay...So now we have established that creating great romance will require DESIRE, and making it a PRIORITY. The next thing we need is a PLAN! You may have heardrepparttar saying, "You didn't plan to fail, you just failed to plan!" Anything worth doing requires a good plan. It can be as simple as scheduling one evening per week as "date night," or promising to spend "x" amount of time doing something romantic for your partner each week. There are plenty of books, magazines, web sites, newsletters, etc. that will give you lots of ideas to use for your romantic "dates." Use your imagination & be creative! The most important thing is to make a plan and then stick to matter what.

After that, all that's left to do is sit back and watchrepparttar 122042 magic of romance do it's thing! Oh, I'm not saying that this is going to be WILL take a little work. But it will be FUN work!

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