Chinese Dining Etiquette

Written by Wong Yee Lee

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In a Chinese meal, an even number of dishes should be ordered. Odd numbers of dishes would be appropriate only for occasions such asrepparttar meal after a funeral.

The best dish should be put in front ofrepparttar 113149 most important person in order to show your respect. Chicken head or duck head on a plate should not point at guests. The big bowl of soup should be placed inrepparttar 113150 middle.

If you arerepparttar 113151 guest, remember not to leave too much food behind because it would mean that you don't likerepparttar 113152 food. Also, when you eat fish, it would be better if you just take outrepparttar 113153 skeletons after finishing one side ofrepparttar 113154 meat than to turnrepparttar 113155 whole fish upside down because it resembles a boat being turned upside down.

Rice in China isrepparttar 113156 same important as potatoes inrepparttar 113157 west. Some people need to eat 2 or more bowls of rice at each meal. Especiallyrepparttar 113158 older generation, they can't have a meal without rice. However, modern Chinese tend to replace rice with congee (a kind of porridge like food made of rice boiled with a lot of water), noodles or even go without any. So if you are not a big rice eater, you still have a lot others to choose from.

With Chinese restaurants being so popular everywhere inrepparttar 113159 world, I think it is time you should get a grip of how to use chopsticks.

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Coffee club membership is a joy for coffee lovers

Written by Julie Carter

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With clubs,repparttar membership terms are usually fairy flexible. You can usually chooserepparttar 113148 length of your club membership, from three to twelve months, whether you want whole beans or ground,repparttar 113149 type of grind you would like and finally, you can choose flavored or regular, caffeinated or decaf coffee. The choices are endless and are designed to cater specifically for each personís tastes. This is more work forrepparttar 113150 club but atrepparttar 113151 end ofrepparttar 113152 day is done to induce you to buy more coffee.

An idea for a coffee gift is a coffee club membership. This is where you purchase a subscription for a coffee ofrepparttar 113153 month club, and your recipient gets coffee delivered to them each month. Gourmet coffee clubs make a great gift idea for holidays, birthdays, or as thank you gifts. you are looking for a unique business gift, think about giving a coffee club subscription. Most people appreciate a good cup of coffee; it is enjoyed aroundrepparttar 113154 world. This is one gift that transcends borders. Your recipient will likerepparttar 113155 convenience of havingrepparttar 113156 coffee delivered on schedule, without having to reorder allrepparttar 113157 time. If you give a club subscription as a gift, you will be able to send a gift card or letter to your recipient, notifying them of your gift membership.

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