Chinchillas As Pets

Written by Valerie Garner

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and character she is.

Chins are more playful type pets, than a sit down

and lap type animal. I would recommend getting a

baby if you decide to get a chinchilla. They

usually run about $100. inrepparttar US for a pet, but

that price can vary a lot.

Another very nice quality about chins as pets,

is they have no claws or fingernails. They have

these little soft pads onrepparttar 116361 bottom of their feet,

so you don't get scratched. I wouldn't recommend

them with small children however, as young children

could easily hurt a chinchilla.

They have a life span of about 25-30 years.

They do need to live indoors, or climate type

controlled setting. Chins come in a variety of

colors butrepparttar 116362 standard grey color isrepparttar 116363 most

common, andrepparttar 116364 other, more rare colors will cost

more usually.

I found when I was trying to sellrepparttar 116365 babies, that

most people had no idea of what a chinchilla was,

or had even seen them. That made it a bit difficult

to find homes at times, although with such few babies,

it wasn't a problem. The people who did come to

purchaserepparttar 116366 babies had this 1 thing in common:

all of them had either owned a chinchilla previously,

or had a close friend who did and had been around them.

That really says something about this type of animal for

a pet. You can check out your local pet store for chins

possibly, orrepparttar 116367 internet.

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Funky, Fun Garden Plants

Written by Valerie Garner

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In this case you can tell a lot by it's name. You generally purchase it as a bulb, which are usually quite large. It does return year after year without needing to re-plant it.

Inrepparttar spring it shoots up a lot of foliage, this is preparingrepparttar 116360 plant for it's autumn blooms, be sure to just leave this alone. Come about mid June or so, this foliage starts looking like it's dying, again just leave it be.

In late August/early September, when most ofrepparttar 116361 flowers are past their prime andrepparttar 116362 garden is starting to look sparse, out comesrepparttar 116363 Autumn Crocus, with their beautiful lilac colored blooms. They bloom for quite a long time when few things are blooming. A fun plant, give it a try!

This one is an annual (only lives 1 growing season) plant called Love Lies Bleeding. It's as strange as it's name.

It is very easy to grow. You just simply direct seed it inrepparttar 116364 soil (full sun preferably) where it is to grow in repparttar 116365 spring. It's height seems to vary greatly. I've seen it be as small as about 2 feet high, and reach up to 6 or 7 feet high. It's "flowers" are long, burgandy colored ropes that hang. It is simply stunning. Always gets attention! It will usually re-seed itself so you'll get new plantsrepparttar 116366 following year without doing anything.

It's best to try to find this seed in an unusual type seed catalog. It is inrepparttar 116367 amaranth family.

Here'srepparttar 116368 last one. Ever triedrepparttar 116369 hellebore family? There are many varieties. They are perennial which means they come back year after year. These are best planted in shady areas, but where they will get sun inrepparttar 116370 winter, like under leafed trees or something of that nature.

What is so unusual about hellebores is that they bloom somewhere between Dec. and March. There are very few plants that do that! One variety is called a Christmas Rose. It's quite striking to see flowers inrepparttar 116371 midst sometimes of snow.

These plants usually must be puchased at a nursery. Check out your local nursery for this wonderful family of plants.

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